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GOD- Without You, none of this would be possible. Thank You for all of my blessings, especially all the people listed below... DAD- Thank you for taking the time to scan all the pictures on the gallery for me and for everything you've ever done for me. I will always love you more than you love me!! **Princess** MOM- Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream of meeting Ralph. Thank you for your "savage passion" genes and for listening to me all the time. I love you, Momma!! **Princess of Quite a Lot** ANDY, SEAN, & LAURIE- I couldn't ask for better siblings!! I love you all!!! CARRIE- I'm not trying to be FUHNNY (*wink*) when I say this, but thanks for being there for me to crash and burn. "Let me be the one you call. If you jump. I'll break your fall, lift you up and fly away with you into the night. If you need to fall apart, I can mend a broken heart. If you need to crash then crash and burn, you're not alone." Now I'm getting all sappy. I'm so emBARRassed!! LOL *wink* But thanks for letting me send lyrics to you like every day!! LOL And don't worry - one day we will BOTH find a Landon. We just have to have faith like Jamie, and it will happen. Love ya, roomie!!! NIKKI- I know I've thanked you about a million times before, but I want to publicly thank you again for everything you've done for me. You know what I'm talking about. God Bless; Bless God!! Love ya!!! KEENIE- Thank you for always being there to talk to, even about things I don't talk to pretty much anyone else about. You really are one of my big sisters, and I know you'll always be!! Love ya!! KEESHA- Thank you always for always listening to me. I hate to do this, but I think I can pretty much say the same thing to you as I did to Keenie because you're pretty much twins!! Love ya, "Big Sis!!" YOLONDA- I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to make my day brighter when you write me. You are truly an inspirational person, and I am so blessed to know you. Love you, "Big Sis!!" MORIAH- Thank you for being there for me through the last 5 years or whatever it's been. (We won't get into that again!) And thanks for coming with me to get my tattoo (who needs someone to hold your hand when you have a picture of Shane? LOL) and when I saw Ralph for the first time. I have only a few other things to say: Cheese sticks, "Alright, Dad!!", Eeeerrr!!!, and I love.... Ralph!! LOL *wink* Love ya, "MoRonRon!!" KATIE- Thank you for the great e-mails!! Maybé oné of thésé days théy'll hélp us figuré out whéré to put thé accént marks!!! LOL Volleyball forever!!! Love ya, Catalina!! TILL- One of these days you'll get your props for everything you've done. (You know you've already got them from me.) Be Good. *wink* (Sorry, that's the best I can come up with right now.) Keep up the awesome work, and maybe we'll hook up for the graphics one of these days!! KRIS- Thank you for the e-mails and the wonderful tape you sent. I have to be honest that I only watch that one part on it, though. (Shouldn't come as a surprise!) "I'm Still In Love With You" and chick flicks rock!!! LEONIE- Thanks for the great e-mails. "Ed" Rocks!!! DORI- Thank you for all the nice e-mails throughout the years. I always love talking to you. Tom Cavanagh is such a cutie!! LOL SHELLIE- Thanks for being there always and keeping us updated on JG. I love your club. ZMK- Thank you for all the e-mails and the great advice. TO ALL THE TRUE NE FANS- Always support New Edition NO MATTER WHAT. Don't let anyone bring you down. Keep the N.E. dream alive! RIGHT ON! MAGAZINE- Where I got a lot of articles and found more info. (And if you ever need anyone to interview NE, I'll take the job in a second!) BLACK BEAT MAGAZINE- Where I got a lot of articles and info. DEVOE33- Thanks for some info. LADY RIZZ- Thanks for all the articles on RT. TO ALL MY FRIENDS OFFLINE (Christine, Courtney, Elijah, and everyone else)- Thanks for putting up with me. LOL You guys really are wonderful friends!! ALL MY OTHER FRIENDS - I really didn't forget you! You know who you are! Love ya!! ALI WOODSON- I didn't get the chance to say this when we met, but THANK YOU. You bringing Ralph out for me meant the world to me. I will never forget what you've done. I may have only met you once, but I will always love and support you because of your kind actions. May God bless you!! NEW EDITION- Thank you for completely changing my life forever, constantly inspiring me, never failing to pick me up when I'm down by your music and everything you do, and giving me something to write and speak about. I love you ALL and will continue to support you Forever. I wish you all the best in everything you do. Never give up on the N.E. dream!!