Backwards Wavs

Ok, well to start off with, lets contradict the whole point of this page by first displaying a normal wav, k? This is a brief moment in 'Hey Jude'. Now I know that when you first listen to it, you'll concentrate on what Paul is singing. But the 2nd time you listen to it, concentrate on what is being said by John in the background. You want a hint? In the background, John says "I fucked it up."
Listen to it

The Inner Groove

Did ya ever hear that rumor that if you played The Inner Groove, the snippet at the end of A Day In The Life, backwards it would say "We will f*ck you like supermen?". You ever wonder if it's true? Well wonder no more.

The sound quality is kinda crappy, just to warn you

Revolution #9

A classic Paul is Dead clue. Perhaps the most famous one. Again, the sound quality on this one isn't very good, but thats ok, right?

  • Forward
    Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine....
  • Backward
    Turn Me on Dead man, Turn me on Dead Man

You Know My Name, Look Up The Number

I discovered this one by accident. While I was making these other wavs for you nice people, I turned this song backwards for the hell of it. Surprisingly, it says something backwards. I guess you could interpret it as a Paul is Dead clue, since when you die, you are free. Maybe 'Paul' is expressing his desire to 'be free'. Hmmmm.

  • Forward
    You, you know, you know my name.
  • Backward
    Now I'm gonna be, gonna be, free. Hey, now I'm gonna be, gonna be, free.

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