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Wassup! Yo this is Trevis and this is my Destiny's Child Website. I am sorry I dont have pics,but um I will get some soon. Welcome to the website where all you hear about is four soulful-southern girls name Beyonce`, Kelly, LeToya, and LaTavia. Destiny's Child call themselves "Destiny's Chiren." They are four southern girls raised together in school and church. They are very, very, very close to each other; they're just like sisters. The best thing about them is that they will be together no matter what, even if they stop singing they'll be doing something together. They each have four different personalities, but they all are crazy, spitual, sassy, and serious about their careers. They thank everyone for their support, love, and hope that you enjoy reading more about Destiny's Child. Peace, Love and Chitterlin Greace.
Beyonce` is the lead vocalist of Destiny's Child. Somtimes someone has to keep them on point when it is time to be serious. That person is Beyonce`. They call her the mother of the group. She is a Virgo but most impotantly she is a christian. LeToya is the water baby Pisces and the soprano of the group. LeToya is also the crazy on of the group. LaTavia is the baby of the group, and is also the alto that mean she sings low. She is also a scorpio & a true believer in God. Kelly is the second lead singer and the sensitive one in the group. She's an Aquarius, and a true beliver in god. To her, without hothing is possible.