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Do you know someone who would be a good Deacon?
Do YOU have a desire to become a Deacon?

Are you praying about it? Take a look here. You know, you have to learn to trust in your inner movements, your desires, if they are not going against the will of God. He draws people to him in many ways; but he usually Always draws folks to him from the words and actions (life style) of others.

Here is a word for everyone.

Listen to these important words from St. Augustine: "Sing to the Lord a new song" (Ps. 96:1). His praise IS in the assembly of the saints. But make sure that your life does not contradict your words. Sing with your voices, your hearts, your lips, and your lives. Live what you express. Live good lives, and you your selves will be his praise! "Hallelujah! Sing to the Lord a new song" (Ps 149:1).
-St. Augustine, Sermo 34.