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My name is Deacon Paul Rooney.
I am a Catholic deacon in the Archdiocese of Omaha.
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Jesus Christ is the center of my life, and I just want to share one part of my world with you.
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My "newest" segment is called "Unbound Ministry," which offers a Seminar using Neal Lozano's "Unbound" book; it also offers Unbound prayer using the "5 keys" from that book. Appointments are made as indicated on the page, which you can find here: Unbound Flyer.
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Do you know someone who would be a good Deacon?
Do YOU have a desire to become a Permanent Deacon?

Are you praying about it? Click HERE for information about the Permanent Diaconate. You know, you have to learn to trust in your inner movements, your desires, if they are not going against the will of God. He draws people to him in many ways; but he usually Always draws folks to him from the words and actions (life style) of others.

Here is a word for everyone.

This is important advice from a saint who lived in our own time. We all go through times when taking time to pray is sort of, shall we say, unappealing. When our prayer life becomes "dry" like this, and it seems to be something we would rather not do just now, take a tip from St. Josemaria Escriva: "When you do not know how to go on, when it feels as if your fire were dying out and you cannot throw fragrant logs on it, throw branches and twigs of short vocal prayers, of ejaculations, to keep feeding the blaze."