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Big Wiss's Weekly Update

Updated 5-6-98

The next WWF PPV is Over the Edge

There are reportedly many WCW wrestlers who are begging WCW to drop there contracts so they can go to different feds. (WWF) They are angered by the WCW holding out money from the Louie Spicolli family and also Bischoff having his favorites.

Dr. Death Steve Williams will be in the WWF soon, to feud with Dan Severn. Williams is the only wrestler to beat Severn in the collegiate level.

Regal and Dave Taylor are set to start this summer.

It is a fact that SID will, in fact, be in the WWF before long and join the dX.

Stone Cold will be on a Snickers commercial coming soon.

Adam Copeland is doing dark matches with Jackyl as a manager, his ring name is EDGE. Copeland is the ex-Adam Bomb.

The Queen of WCW Debra McMichael will be the newest manager in the WWF.

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