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Eric Camden

Annie Camden

Matt Camden

Mary Camden

Lucy Camden

Simon Camden

Ruthie Camden

Sam Camden

David Camden

Happy, the family dog

7th Heaven= True Happiness!

Note this page assumes people have finished the fourth season if your not BEWARE you may read things that are ahead of you

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The Camdens are a surprisingly functional family, enjoying close relationships despite their occasional differences and the usual problems that every large family faces. Eric (Collins) is a very progressive father, who just happens to be a minister at the local church. While his seven children feel hampered by his profession, Eric really just wants to understand each of them. His wife, Annie (Hicks), is a well-educated woman who chooses to be at home full-time with her kids. Repairmen are rarely needed because Annie also happens to be very skilled at electrical wiring, plumbing and carpentry. She also has a softer side, allowing her to easily shift gears and become the quintessential earth mother.

As parents, Eric and Annie face the challenge of raising seven children, ranging in age from baby to a young-adult. 20-year-old Matt (Watson) is finally striking out on his own. At 17, athletically-inclined Mary (Biel) is trying to earn back her parents trust after a rebelious act. 16-year-old Lucy is maturing and becoming more sensible about her life. 13-year-old Simon (Gallagher) is coming-of-age and trying to be a man. 8-year old Ruthie (Rosman) is growing up and developing a life of her own. And adorable, 1-year-old twins, Sam and David, (Brinos) are cheerful babies who are walking and growing every day!

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