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You Can Make a Difference...

Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

"I may not agree with what you have to say,
but I'll defend to my death your right to say it." ---Voltaire

'You Can Make a Difference...' is dedicated to making the world a better place through free speech and philanthropy via the Internet. Your most basic inalienable right, the freedom to speak your mind, and helping those less fortunate is what this site is all about. Whether you are regularly involved in social, political and environmental causes or are new to attempting to change the world you can use this website to experience the true power of making a difference online.

Please visit all of the Links and sign all of the Petitions that interest you. On the Sites page you will find Websites that illustrate both what the first amendment represents and what it protects. You may sign our Guestbook, and most definitely participate in our Message Board. I look forward to reading your comments. Also, feel free to send this page to friends or even to put it as a link from your site. If you know of any links that you think should be included on this site, send them to me via Email.

Links to Interactive Pages to Aid Mankind...

The Hunger Site
Do you want to donate food to a needy child for free? You can give a starving person 1/4 cup of rice, wheat, or maize, per sponsor, per day, with just the click of a button at this United Nations recognized site. In my personal opinion this is the best site on the Internet. I highly suggest you bookmark this site and return everyday!

The Rainforest Site
Almost two acres of tropical rainforest disappear every second. The Rainforest Site lets you donate 1.6 square feet of land, per sponsor, per day, to help save the rainforest, with only one simple click. Visitors to this site donate over 30 acres of land each day.

The Kids AIDS SiteNew
1,800 children worldwide are infected with HIV each day. You can help to donate free, sponsor-funded care with the simple click of a button. People like you are helping to donate money to be spent on over 14 days of nursing care each day.

The Child Survivial SiteNew
1,270 people die each hour from preventable diseases such as malaria and measles. Vitamin A can help them survive. One Vitamin A tablet boosts the immune system of one individual for 6 months. Click on the donation button here to donate Vitamin A to underprivileged individuals for free.

The Breast Cancer SiteNew
43,300 women will die from breast cancer this year. Early detection saves live and your clicks will provide underprivileged women free, sponsor funded mamograms. Each day visitors provide the means for over 11 mamograms.

The Landmine SiteNew
Every 20 minutes someone becomes a landmine victim. 90% of these people don't have access to care. Each day visitors help to generate approximately 73 hours of outreach assistance to landmine victims, helping them heal, recover and reclaim their lives.

Give's Money to Charity!
Visit "" and raise money for your favorite charity by referring friends and submitting/rating websites. Sign up through this site and you will also automatically donate $1 to Oxfam America, a charity dedicated to creating lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and social injustice through long-term partnerships with poor communities around the world.

Take the ecology quiz!
ENN, the Environmental News Network, is one of the premier environmental websites on the Internet. ENN sponsors over 15 quizzes you can take to test your true knowledge of geography, ecology, environmental history, outer space and more. This site is composed of a myriad of environmental facts and disproved myths.

ENN, in partnership with American Forests, brings to you Webreleaf, giving you the opportunity to plant a tree for free with just the click of a button. You may click once per day; every twenty clicks plants one tree, so bookmark this page and return often. In addition to participating in planting trees for free, you may donate more at the cost of $1 per tree at Secure Webreleaf.

The Youth Alliance Against Internet Censorship, devoted to free speech on the Internet for teenagers. Teaches one how to disable website blocking software that may be blocking sites for no reason other than having topics such as Gay rights, Women's rights, AIDS, religion, and even sites that oppose Internet blocking programs!

Save the World
The Best Environmental Site On The Web, is dedicated to saving the world and helping you to do so. This non-profit organization gives many ideas on how to develop and implement strategies for preventing future environmental destruction.

Online Library: Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg houses thousands of Etexts (Electronic Texts) including the works of Shakespeare, Dante, Tolstoy, and most authors with published material before 1923. Read books for research on any topic, find and read a banned book, or just read your all-time favorite piece of literature. If you can't find what you need at PG try your luck at
Equipped with a counter revealing a rolling estimate of $$$ being raised in this federal election cycle. Also find out who in your area is donating money to which candidates. supplies you with everything you could possibly want to know about the 2000 election and it's process.
If your interested in volunteering in your area then this is the website for you. Key in your 5 digit zip code and get a list of volunteering opportunities in your community. Also helps you search for and donate to charities nation wide.

Virtual Philanthropy
With VirtualVolunteering you can volunteer from "virtually" anywhere using your computer. VolunteerMatch's VirtualVolunteering program lists different philanthropical activities you can participate in right from your computer. Research, webmaster, design graphics, write grants and proposals, write newsletters and more for worthy causes such as animals, civil rights and literacy.

How polluted is your community? Enter your zip code to find out which companies are releasing toxic chemicals in your area, learn about health risks, and find out what you can do about it. Scorecard lets you send faxes, for free, straight to the top-ranked polluters in your area. You can also send email to key state and federal decision makers.

Government Links
A complete list of federal, state and local government links. Use these links to Email the president, your senators, congresspersons, and judges so your voice will carry throughout the branches, or just learn a little more about the United States government.
Vote "YES" or "NO" on many topics and issues being debated in congress right now. Enter your zipcode and your response will be sent to your congressperson so they may know how you stand and then, subsequently, better serve you. The subjects to vote on change frequently so return often.

Need Legal Advice?
Research every federal and state law so you can find out what needs to be changed and how you can go about changing it. Also, find a lawyer or get software to build your own legal practice.

Register to Vote NOW!
If you're a citizen of the United States and 18 years of age or older you have the right to vote whether it be for president, senator, mayor or judge. Before you can vote you first have to register, and you must register 25 days prior to the day of the election. Register to vote online at and look forward to being able to voice your opinion locally, statewide or nationally.

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