Links to Other Moulin Rouge Fanatics!

As we down-size the site, we decided to downsize our links also. These Moulin Rouge sites listed below are the cream of the crop! The Best! The long distance runners, the grand poombas! (Um Neo? They get it... -Trin) ( *cough cough* -Neo) We are taking the rating scale off because...these sites are all 5 stars in our books so why would we need to rate them? If you wish further MR knowledge...look to these shining stars!!

Official UK Moulin Rouge Site

The UK site is the place to be for premiers, interviews, songs, more songs, pics, and a better graphic layout. On the bottom right hand corner of the main page, there is a Garrett and it says, DVD/VHS...GO THERE. There is a wonderful little boho game you can play under Spectacular, Spectacular...I haven't laughed so hard since NEO spit milk out of his nose.

Spectacular'll be dumb with wonderment! This site, owned by Two Diamond Dogs, is a top act. GREAT ORIGINAL GRAPHICS. How Wonderful life is with Spectacular Spectacular in the world!

ALSO!! Not to be missed is the SpecSpec message board

A grand place to go and chat with other MR enthusiasts! Go and register...easy and FUNFUNFUN! Get the latest MR news and gossip!

Lyrics, scripts, and pictures and fanfiction for both Moulin Rouge and Velvet Goldmine abound at this web site. And the two movie are so similar is in BOTH of them and...Ohh yea..HE SINGS!

The Sparkling Diamond keeps out-doing herself! With a new look on the site you'd have to be crazy not to stop by! With Quizzes, Pictures and Quotes to keep you busy, time will fly by!!

Laugh til you cry! then sit amazed and wonder...How did they do that! What a unique grand place ofr MR and Ewan lovers, that is being recognized by mags all over the world!

Suddenly the MR world moves with such a Perfect Grace! From Ewan movies to Nicole movies to KILT APPRECIATION! (Trinity drewls!)

For those of us who like to look at the tech side of things visit animal logic for a way neat-o look behind the scene's of MR!AND NOW!!! There is a trailer on this new page for Click hereBaz's LaBoheme! YEA!!

Bazmark Official site

YEA!!! It's New It's Fresh It's BAZMARK!
GO there and see the promo for Baz's Stage Production in San Fran! There is also a link to Baz's production in New York, La Boheme!!

The best unoffocial Baz site...even has a Moulin Rouge funny page....go see...go on...!

Eccentricity...Let me count the ways...

One of the Ultimate for Pics on MR and Ewan! It is one of my (Trinity) regular sites for info on all things Ewan. Constanly updated, fun things await you!!!

Hat's off to you!

Yet ANOTHER Ewan site! But we didn't know!! Should it be an Ewan site? should it be a MR site?? Because it has BOTH! Goooo see this sweet site (She Has NEW ANIMATIONS! -Trinity) (Trin is so jealous! -Neo *Grin* )Lot's of new info!!! We Love ya!

Excellent Nicole Kidman site. Professional and fanatic at the same time! It has Merged with another Grand Nicole Site and is now called Team Nicole. Great MR images!

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