Got Caught Masturbating Stories

Welcome one and all... welcome to the site without shame. The controversy role of masturbation is everywhere, and whether we like to admit it or not, most of us do it.

Some do it a little... some do it a lot...

But of course that's not the point... you are here to see true stories of people getting caught masturbating or to submit a story of your own. It's always an embarrassing moment in peoples lives and it helps to share and listen... and let me make this very clear... no matter what your age... masturbation isn't a bad thing when kept to the right moral limits of both personal and legal boundaries. Go Ahead and be free... no one judges you here. There is no porn here or nudity of any sort... just text.

What would you like to do?

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Facts about Masturbation: Brought to you by

  1. 1. Masturbation is not evil, dirty or harmful - it will not make you go blind, drive you insane, turn you in to a pervert, stunt your growth, give you an STD, make you sterile or get you pregnant.
  2. 2. Both guys and girls masturbate, it is a normal and healthy part of sexual development.
  3. 3. Masturbation is a very personal thing and should not be done in public places or around people who are not willing
  4. partners (think safer sex activity).
  5. 4. You are normal if you masturbate, normal if you wonder about it but don't do it, and normal if you never give it a second thought and don't do it - it is one of the few things in life that is "normal if you do and normal if you don't".
  6. 5. Masturbation may make sexual intercourse more enjoyable because you will already know what it takes to "please you".
  7. 6. Masturbation alleviates stress and releases endorphins (the pleasure hormones) in to your system making you more relaxed.
  8. 7. Masturbation as exploration of the body is common in children between the ages of 3 and 6, in teens masturbation becomes more sophisticated and sexually motivated.
  9. 8. Surveys have shown that 80% of males and 59% of females have masturbated by age 18.
  10. 9. Many experts believe that masturbation is more prevalent in the teen years due to a strong fluctuation of hormones; masturbation alleviates the strain of this build up and is a necessary part of development.
  11. 10. The only real problems that come with masturbation are psychological and are the result of unhealthy or weary attitudes toward doing it (if you do it but are ashamed) or abnormal practices (for example, public masturbation).
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