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Introduction to the Crisis

In the early 90’s, several minorities were mistreated across the United States in Denny’s restaurants. Whether they were being completely denied service or being humiliated by having to prepay, minorities felt there was a double standard in the way Denny’s dealt with customers.

Accusations were made in Maryland, California, Florida, and several other locations in the country.

Approximately 295,000 individuals claimed suit against Denny’s restaurant. At first Denny’s denied most of the claims, but in 1994, they settled two class action lawsuits for $54 million (Adamson).

Now every employee, from wait staff to managers, receives specific training that emphasizes respect for differences among people (Adamson 2000). In 2000, Fortune Magazine ranked Denny’s in the top 10 companies for minorities in America. Denny’s not only crawled out of their ruins; they flourished.