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Hey, everyone! I didn't forget about you. I'm just back with my annual message. DX/nWo Wrestling is still running strong, and is having its best traffic ever. I'm still in shock about Hulk Hogan bringing back Hulkamania, it should've stayed dead when it had the chance. Want to see something really neat? Click here and you'll find out what my life is like. Well, that is all for now, until next year...
"Gruel" Dale Kulas - April 7, 2002

Hey, I'm just letting you guys now I'm still alive with my yearly message, that only 1 or 2 people read a year. I still run DX/nWo Wrestling among other sites. I just finished this great links page I worked forever on describing my favorite sites and friends sites, Click Here to check it out and find out a whole lot about me. Well, I'm off, until next year,
"Gruel" Dale Kulas - May 31, 2001

Hey, If you didn't know by now, I've been submitting strategy guides and reviews to they got a page up listing all the guides and reviews I submitted. Please check out the url below:
"Gruel" Dale Kulas- January 5, 2000

IMPORTANT: Due to me updating my DX/NWO Wrestling Page I am gonna stop updating this page. I tried doing both at the same time, but it just got to be too much work, plus their are other great game sites out their too. I might turn this page into something else in a few months or so, but I dought it. Anyways you can still enjoy the sites features and check out the codes or strategies I put up, but this is page is going nowhere. It's been great since September 1997, but audios

- Dale Kulas, Webmaster
February 10, 1999

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