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01. what year did no doubt form?

december 1986
02. why are they called 'no doubt'?

john spence would always say 'no doubt' and it just kinda stuck
03. when is gwen's birthday?

october 3rd, 1969
04. when is tom's birthday?

january 11th, 1968 ****it's just around the corner!****
05. when is adrian's birthday?

august 26th, 1969
06. when is tony's birthday?

august 27th, 1970
07. what is the name of the next album? (name as of 12.01.99)

'the return of saturn'
08. name 8 popular no doubt bootleg cd's

  • spiderwire
  • sushi chick
  • just a girl
  • don't speak
  • teenage orgasm
  • the multicultural trampoline machine
  • happy
  • imperial collection
  • sold out
  • classic betty
  • fruity frutty
  • california girl
  • beacon street bimbo
  • disneyland demos
  • weenie roast
  • excuse me i'm the singer
    there are 16 that i can name off the top of my head.. someone said this part was to hard i thought it was pretty easy, seeing i have mass boots listed on my site.
    09 what is the name of the song about 'toys' and where was it used?

    'i throw my toys around' used in the 'rugrats' movie soundtrack
    10. what is gwen's parents names?

    dennis & patti stefani
    11. what is gwen's brother's and sister's names?

    eric, todd, and jill.... if you wanna know a dumb fact...
    order of birth: eric, gwen, jill, and todd
    12. adrian's fiance..

    13. what was gwen's first recorded no doubt song?

    'everything's wrong'
    14. this song was written by eric stefani and is a duet that was sung by gwen and alan meade...

    'up yours' which was recorded only with gwen.. the live shows had alan on the song also
    15. name this song: "you're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasies", this was a no doubt cover ....

    'heartbreaker' by pat benetar... they would play this live
    16. no doubt did an ad in a recent magazine for this:

    artist direct... they were in SPIN and ROLLING STONE.....if you need one of these
    email me and we can work something out.
    17. this artist was featured on the beacon street collection...

    bradley nowell (r.i.p) from sublime... he was on 'total hate'
    18. clash tribute song..

    19. orignial singer of no doubt, not gwen

    john spence.. he used to do back flips and act crazy they said he wasn't that good of a singer but was a good yeller!

    20. no doubt's first video on tv

    'trapped in a box' .. it was played on 'the box' music channel (usually requested by gwen!)
    21. eric stefani left the band for what reason?

    he wanted to animate for the simpsons... that is the main reason... he also didn't like touring and the whole business side of it... but the simpsons was the main reason so i only accepted that.
    22. who was 'happy now?' and 'don't speak' written about?

    they were written about tony.. about gwen and his relationship
    23. name the two reasons no doubt was in guiness book of world records..

    for much music and 'don't speak'
    24. name the two horn players in nd

    gabe mcnair and stephen bradley
    25. what is tony's middle name?

    26. in what song does a man kill his fiance?

    'el matador-the bullfight'... i know that was a hard one!
    27. what high school did eric & gwen attend?

    loara high school
    28. what is gwen's natural hair color?

    light brown... but she's cute ANY color!!
    29. what is adrian's middle name?

    samuel.. after his dad
    30. what band did adrian go on tour with in 1998?

    the vandals... he was their drummer
    31. gwen is in love what member in the band madness?

    suggs... in a concert she said "tomorrow we play with madness.... i have to figure out a way to suduce suggs" .... sorry gav she wants sugg! j/k
    32. name the three titles the band thought of using for the next album...

    'magic's in the make-up', 'artifical sweetner', & 'the return of saturn'
    33. what is gwen's favorite movie?

    the sound of music
    34. what is the name of NDIFC's magazine?

    tragic kingdom
    35. what is gwen's middle name?

    36. what sport was gwen in, in high school?

    swim team.. she had a froggy back kick and her nickname was froggy
    37. where was tony born?

    england... sorry if you got your answer from my site. i was wrong! the offical one says england, sorry!
    38. who is the man on the cover of the beacon street collection?

    gwen's grandpa
    39. what is the name of No Doubt's indie label?

    sea creatures
    40. in the sunday morning video, who is the man behind the counter in the store?

    gwen's grandpa
    41. who's sister was in the just a girl video, and her name?

    gwen's sister jill.. she is pregnant.. gwen said she made her wear a short shirt so you could see her big belly
    42. which member is adopted?

    tom dumont
    43. what is the name of gwen's dog?

    megan or maybe meghan .. same name different spelling

    44. what breed is gwen's dog?

    lapsa apsa
    45. what is tom's dog's name?

    46. what was the first song eric wrote?

    'stick it in the hole'
    47. what is the first song eric wrote about?

    a pencil sharpener
    48. how long did tony & gwen date (in years)?

    7 years
    49. in the don't speak video tom dreams of playing guitar with someone else, who is that someone else?

    pat smear from 'foo fighters' well he used to be in 'foo fighters'
    50. where was the cover picture, for tragic kingdom cd, taken at?

    sunpist groves, anaheim, california
    alot of people said just anaheim or something.. i didn't count that because it was sunpist groves, and everyone should have got that! go look at the cover of the cd booklet and at the bottom of the picture it says the answer! helped me with these questions! THANKS!


    only up to 3 winners. not all questions have to be answered correctly, just try your best. all questions have answers that can be found somewhere on the net, mainly on my site. the vhs will be a new cassette and will be mailed flat rate $1.13. do not enter and try to win if you can't recieve it. if you have all my videos we can try to think of another prize, but if not, i am not obligated to give you something. thanks amy