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f, f + rp- blade charge

f, f + rk- knee leap

f, f + lk + rk, lp + rp, lk + rp- flips TAG

f + rp- backhand

db + rp, rp, rp ,rp- spinning hands

db + lp- sword slice

df + lp, lp, lp- sword bash

df + lp, rp- sword bash to backhand

df + lp, rp, hold db, rp, rp, rp, rp, rp- sword bash to spinning punches

f, f, lp + rk- turn around
(after turn around) lp- punch
(after turn around) rp- spinning punch
(after turn around) f + lp + rk- suicide
(after suicide) f+ lp + rk- double suicide

rk, lk- roll launcher TAG

f, f, lp + rp- flip
(After flip) lp + rk- energy steal
(After flip) rp + lk- energy steal

b + lp + rp- get ready to spit
(hit any punch to spit)

uf + lp + rp- helicopter ( hold b to reverse)

f, f, lk, lp- lunging kick
(After lunging kick) lp- slice
(After lunhing kick) rp- uppercut

df + rp- uppercut

df + rk- side kick

uf or u + lk- air spin kick

uf or u + rk- air spin kick

df + lp, rp- bash to backhand

rk, rk, rp, rp, lp + rp- kicks to punches to stab

lp + rp- (during tackle) stab

b, b + lk + rk- spin sidestep

d + lk + rk- sit
(During sit) b- teleport
(During sit) f- teleport
(During sit) rp- teleport to spin punch
(During sit) rk- teleport to flip launcher

d + lp + rk- suicide

d + lp + rk, b + lp, lp, lp,- suicide dance

b + lp + rk- blade block

u + lp + rp- flea
(During flea) f, f- move forward
(During flea) u- jump
(During flea) rk, lk- flip launcher
(During flea) lp + rp- NEW
(During flea) d- resume standing

f, f + lk + rk, lp + rp, lk + rk- forward flips

ss, lk + rk- soul charge
(After soul charge) f- energy field

hold d, db, b + lp- sword sweep

db + lk, lk, lk, lk- spinning kicks

df + rp- uppercut TAG

ss, lp- hard fist NEW

ss, rp- side punch NEW

df + rp- NEW

d + lp + rp- NEW

db + lp + rp- NEW

ss, rk- spinning side kick NEW

b + lp, lp, lp- spinning fists

rk, rk, rk- triple kicks

lk, rk- spin kick to kick

b, db, d, df, f, lp- flipping sword slash

u, b- backflip

d + lp + lk- low parry

d + rp + rk- low parry

b, b, lp- (unblockable) sword stab

lp + lk- flying press

rp + rk- throat hit

d, db, b + lp + rp- grab and flip

lp, rp, lp, rk, rp, rp, rp, rk, lp, lp- 10-hit #1

lp, rp, lp, rk, rk, rk, lp, lp, lp, lp- 10-hit #2

rk, rk, rp, rp, rk, rk, lp, lp, lp, lp- 10-hit #3

df + rp, f, f + lk, lp- uppercut to kick to slice

df + rp, lp, rp, lp, rk- uppercut to punches to kick

df + rp, df + rp, f, f + rp- uppercuts to blade charge

df + rp, df + rp, f, f + rk- uppercuts to kick

df + rp, b + lp, lp, lp, lp- uppercut to spinning fists

df + rp, db + rp, rp, rp, rp, rp- uppercut to spinning fists

df + rp, db + lk, lk, lk, lk, lk- uppercut to spinning kicks

rk, lk, d + lp + rp- flip kick to suicide

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