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All codes for the Playstation 2 version of Tekken Tag Tournament

Hidden Characters
Complete the arcade mode under any difficulty setting to unlock a hidden character which will be released in the following order:
Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototype Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil and Angel
The Unknown

Fight as Angel
Highlight Devil on the character select screen and press start.

Fight as Tiger
Highlight Eddy on the character select screen and press start.

Armor King with no Armor
Complete arcade mode 1 time with Armor King and view his ending. Then on the character select screen, highlight Armor King and press start.

Gold Tetsujin
Win 10 matches in versus mode.

Tekken Bowl Mode
Unlock Ogre as a playable character to access Tekken Bowl Mode.

Theater Mode
Complete the arcade mode under any difficulty setting to unlock theater mode. Beat the game with characters to unlock their ending.

Gallery Mode
Unlock Devil & Angel as playable characters to access Gallery mode.

Juke Box in Tekken Bowl Mode
In Tekken Bowl Mode score over 200 points in a single game. Pause the game and select "Bowling Options" and choose your song.

Fly with Bowling Ball
In Tekken Bowl mode let the charge meter go over before you hit X. When your character throws the ball, they will not let go and will knock all the pins down. Though, it will be counted as a fault.

Stage Select in Practice Mode
Highlight "Practice" on the main menu and hold L2 and R2 the listed number of times to start at that character's stage.

Change Stances with The Unknown
Press the right analog stick in (R3 Button).

Stage # of R2 presses
Law- Dojo at Docks 1
Yoshimitsu- Forest (light snow) 2
Xiaoyu- Amusement Park 2
Hwoarange- Mountain Temple (storming) 2
Lei- City Street 5
Ogre- Temple Ruins 6
School (evening) 7
Jin- Tiger Dojo (evening) 8
Nina- Factory (daytime) 9
Eddy- Beach (sunset) 10
King- Sky Ring 11
Heihachi- Temple Ruins 12
Eddy- Beach (daytime) 13
Unknown- Dark Temple 14
Law- Dojo 15
School- (daytime) 16
Jin- Tiger Dojo (daytime) 17
Nina- Factory (night) 18
Yoshimitsu- Forest (heavy snow) 19
Paul- Alley 20

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