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Prototype Jack

lp + rp- smash

lp + rp, lp + rp- double smash

lp, lp, lp- hammers

db + lp, lp, lp, rp- machinegun punches

f + lk + rk- slide

b, db, d, df + rp- power punch

f, f + lp + rp- scissors

df + rp- uppercut TAG

f + lp + rp- scissors

uf + lk + rk- sit on them

hold d, df + lp, rp, lp, lp- windmill

b, db, d, df + lp- power uppercut TAG

df + lp, rp, lp, rp- uppercuts

f, f + rp- smash NEW

ss, lp- uppercut NEW TAG

ss, rp- spinning arm blast NEW

ss, lp + rp- spinning clothsline NEW

d + lp, rp- hammer to power punch

d + lk + rk- sit
(During sit) b- roll back
(During sit) lp, rp, lp, rp- punches
(During sit) rp, lp, rp, lp- punches

lk + rk- (unblockable) fly (keep tapping lk + rk to keep flying)

f, rk, lp- (unblockable) dark greeting

lp + lk- press

rp + rk- slam
(During slam) db, d, df + rp- grab and hit

db + rp + lk- ground slam

d + rp, lp, lp, lp, rp, lp, rp, lp, lp + rp, lp + rp- 10-hit

df + rp, hold df, lp, rp, lp- uppercut to uppercuts

d, db, d, df + lp, lp, rp, lp- power uppercut to uppercuts

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