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Lei Wu-Long

lk, lk- turn around kicks

db + lk- (hold up to go into stances) sweep

f, *, lk- roundhouse
(After roundhouse) rk- high kick
(After roundhouse) d + rk- low sweep

uf + rp- falling elbow

f, *, lp, rp, lp, rp- quick punches

f, *, lp, rp, lp, rp, f- quick punches to Snake stance

f, *, rp, lp, rp, lk- rush punches NEW

b + lp- punch NEW

ss, lk + rk- low kick NEW

b + lp + rp- headbutt

db + rk, rk- low to high spins

f + rk- twirl kick

rk, lk- lay down kicks

lk, rk- spinning roundhouse

ss, lp + rk- Snake stance
f + rp + lk- Snake stance
(While in Snake stance) lp, lp, lp, lp, lp- quick punches
(While in Snake stance) rp, rp, rp- high to low punches
(While in Snake stance) lk, rk, rk- low kicks to launcher TAG

u- from Snake stance
(While in Dragon stance) rp- punch
(While in Dragon stance) lp- grab
(While in Dragon stance) lp + rp- ram

d- from Snake stance
(While in Panther stance) rp- uppercut TAG
(While in Panther stance) lp- twirl punches

u- from Dragon stance
(While in Tiger stance) lp- overhead smash TAG
(While in Tiger stance) rp- overhead smash

d- from Panther stance
(While in Crane stance) rp- backhand
(While in Crane stance) lp- punch
(While in Crane stance) lk- face kick
(While in Crane stance) rk- feet kick
(While in Crane stance) lk, rk, rp, lk- Crane combo

b + lp + rk- Phoenix stance
(While in Phoenix stance) lk- kick (keep tapping lk to keep it going)
(While in Phoenix stance) rk- (unblockable) spin kick

f + lk + rk- Drunken stance
(While in Drunken stance) lp- lunging punch
(While in Drunken stance) lp + f- lash NEW
(While in Drunken stance) rp, rp + f- quick punches NEW
(While in Drunken stance) lp + rp- life refill NEW
(While in Drunken stance) lk + rk- kick to the feet

d + lk + rk- lay down on back
(While on back) lk- sweep
(While on back) lk, rk- sweep to roundhouse
(While on back) lk + rk- launcher TAG

d + lp + rp- lay down on face
(While on face) rk, lk- slide

b + lk + rk- turn around backwards
(While backwards) lk + rk- flips
(While backwards) uf + rp- falling elbow
(While backwards) d + lp- low punch
(While backwards) rk- kick
(While backwards) d + rk, rk- spin kicks
(While backwards) lk + rk- flip kicks
(While backwards) lp- spin punch
(While backwards) rp- uppercut TAG

f + lp + rp- double strike to Crane stance NEW

d + lp + lk- low parry

d + rp + rk- low parry

lp + lk- kick away

rp + rk- neck breaker

f, f + lp + rp- toss away

uf + lp + rp- falling elbow

lp, rp, lp, lk + rk, rp, lp, rk, lp, rk, rk- 10-hit #1

lp, rp, lp, lk + rk, rp, lp, rk, lp, rp, lk- 10-hit #2

lp, rp, lp, lk + rk, lk + rk, lk + rk, lp, lp, rp- 10-hit #3

d + lk + rk, u + lk, f + rk, lp, rp, lk- lay down to launcher to kick to punches to kick

uf + rk, f, *, lp, f, *, lp, f, *, lp- jump kick to punches

df + rp, f, *, lp, f, *, lp- uppercut to punches

uf + rk, f, *, lp, rp, lp, rp- jump kick to punches

db + rk, rp, rp, rk, lk, lk- low sweep to punches to ground kick

db + rk, rp, rk, lk, lk- low sweep to punch to ground kicks to upward kick

df + rp, lp, lk- uppercut to punch to kick

(in Crance stance) rp, d + rp, rk- uppercut to low punch to kick

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