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Lee Chaolan

hold d, u + rk- slow flip kick

hold d, u, rk- quick flip kick TAG

f + rp, rp, rp- punches to backfist

d + rk, d + rk, d + rk, d + rk- low kick to mid kicks

b + lp, rp, lk + rk- punches to Hitman Stance NEW

d + rk, rk, rk, rk- quick kicks NEW

d + lk, lk, lk, lk- low to high kicks

rk, lk, rk- spin kicks

d, db, b + rk- kick TAG

lp, lp, lp, lp, lp- quick punches

df, d, db + rk- high kick

db + lk- kick

df + lk- kick

lk, lk- (while rising) axe kicks

d + lk, lk, lk, b + lk- kicks

b + lk, lk- kicks NEW

b + lk, lk, rk- kick to throw NEW

db + lk, lk, lk, lk- side kicks

lk, lk- kicks

d, lk, lk, lk, lk- infinite kicks
(Do during infinite kicks) u + lk- heel kick
(Do during infinite kicks) d + lk- low kick

b, b, *, lk + rk- backflip

f, f, lk- axe kick

b, b + rk- spin kick NEW

df + rk- (while crouched) NEW

f, f, *, lk, rk, rk- jump kicks

f, f, *, lk, rk, d + rk- jump kicks to low kick

d + rk, *, rk- low kick to head kick

f, f, *, lk + rk- slide

ur or u + lk- jumping kick

rk, u + lk- kick to flip kick

ss, lk- roundhouse kick NEW

ss, rk, rk, rk- quick kicks NEW

ss, rp- side punch NEW

f + lk + rk- NEW

lk, lk, lk- kick combo

Hitman Stance
lk + rk- Hitman stance NEW
b + rk- heel kick to Hitman Stance NEW
(During Hitman stance) lp, lp, lp- quick punches NEW
(During Hitman stance) rp- uppercut NEW
(During Hitman stance) lk- roundhouse kick NEW
(During Hitman stance) rk- low kick NEW

f, *- step

db + lp + rp- (unblockable) power punch

db + lk + rk- (unblockable) spin kick

lp + lk- neck break

rp + rk- head punch

f, f + lk + rk- knee bash

df + lp, rp, rp, lp, lk, lk, lk, rk, lk, rk- 10-hit

df + rp, lp, rp, lp, rp- uppercut to punches

df + rp, db + lk, lk, lk- uppercut to side kicks

df + rp, rk, lk, rk- uppercut to spin kicks

df + rp, lk, lk, lk- uppercut to kicks

df + rp, *, d + lp, rk- uppercut to low punch to kick

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