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lp + rp, lp + rp- punch to backhand

f, f + rp- uppercut TAG

f, f, *, rp- pause then uppercut
(If uppercut stuns) lp + rp- backbreaker

b + rk- turn kick
lp + rp- (unblockable) Clothsline (back must be turned away from opponent)
lk- low kick (back must be turned away from opponent)

f, f, rk- big boot

f, f + lp + rp- leap

f, f + lk + rk- drop kick

ss, rp- hard punch

ss, lk + rk- boomerang

lp + rp- (while you are crouched) tackle

df + rk, rk, rk, rp- sliding kicks to uppercut

df + rk-low kick

f, d, df, lp + rp- overhead smash

d + lp + rp- falling elbow

f + lp + rk- flip over

f + rp + lk- shoulder ram

f, f, f + lk + rk- running drop kick

df + lk + rk- frankensteiner TAG

f + rk- spin kick NEW

f + lk- spin kick NEW

lp + rp- (while ducking) tackle
(After tackle) lk + rk- arm lock
(After arm lock) lp + rp- stretch breaks

b + lp + lk- counter kicks

b + rp + rk- counter kicks

f + lp + rp- (unblockable) clothsline

lp + lk- spinning neckbreaker

rp + rk- suplex

db + lp + rp- figure-four leg lock

f, b, db, d, df, f + lp- spinning leg throw

df + rp + lk- knee bash

d, db, b + lp + rp- T-bone

db, d, df, f + lp- piledriver

d, db, d, db + lp + rp- headlock

b + lp + rp- swing around
(while opponent in swing) lk + rk- ground slam

b + lp + rp, tg- (must have Armor King as second character) tag throw NEW

db + lp + lk- (opponent must be on ground) ground throw

db + rp + rk- (opponent must be on ground) ground throw

df + lp + lk- (opponent must be crouched) grab

lp, rp, lp, lp, rp, rk, rk, rk, lp, lk- 10-hit #1

lp, rp, lp, lp, rp, rk, rk, rk, lp, lp- 10-hit #2

lp, rp, lp, lp, lk, lk, rk, lk, rp, lp + rp- 10-hit #3

He has no known juggles

ss, rp + rk- rolling backbreaker (If caught at sides or from behind continue on to backbreaker)
rp, rp, lp + rp- ground slam
lp, rp, lk + rk- backbreaker
(After backbreaker) lp , lk, rp, lk + rk, lp + rp + lk + rk- T-Bone
(After backbreaker) rp, lp, lk, rk- swinger

f, d, df, rp + lk- ankle lock
(After ankle lock) lp, rp, lk, lp + rp- STF
(After ankle lock) lp + rp, lk, lp, lp + lk- Scorpion death lock

f, d, df, lp + rk- single arm breaker
(After single arm breaker) rp, lp, lp + rp + lk- wing lock
(After wing lock) lp + lk, lk + rk, rp + rk, lp + rp, lp + rp + lk- rolling death cradle

f, df + rp + rk- arm flip
f, df + lp + lk- arm flip
(After arm flip) lp, rp, lp + rp- back buster
(After back buster) lp + rk, lp + rp, lk + rk- suplex
(After suplex) lp, rp, lk + rk- power bomb
(After power bomb) rp, lp, lk, rk- spinning leg throw

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