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db + lp + rp- rising swing

rp + lp- smash

rp + lp, rp + lp- double smash

d + rk- stomp

f, f, lp + rp- crush

f + lp + rp- sumo charge NEW

db + lp, lp, lp, rp- machinegun punches

d + lk + rk- sit
(while sitting) f- roll forrward
(while sitting) b- roll away
(while sitting) lp- punch NEW
(while sitting) rp- sweep NEW
(while sitting) d- splits NEW

uf + lk + rk- squash

b + rp- salt throw TAG NEW

df + rp, lp, lp, lp- pop up to juggle

rp, lp, rp, lp, rp, lp, rp, lp- palm thrusts

b, db, d, df, rp- power palm

d + rp, rp, rp- (keep tapping rp to keep it going) one foot punches

b, db, d, df, lp- launcher TAG

hold d, lp + rp- hand launch

df + lk + rp- palm sweep

ss, lp- overhead smash NEW

ss, lp + rp- NEW

b + lp + rk- punch parry NEW
b + rp + lk- punch parry NEW
(After parry) lp + rp- press NEW

b + lp + rp- (unblockable) sumo charge
(After sumo charge) rp- fake out NEW
(After sumo charge) d- splits NEW

lp + lk- body slam

rp + rk- flip

f, f + rp + lk- choke and push

d + lp + rp- (must be at opponents back) press NEW

No known 10-hits

df + rp, f + lp, rp, lp, rp, lp, rp, lp, rp- uppercut to palms

f, f + rp, f + lp, rp, lp, rp, lp, rp, lp, rp- salt throw to palms

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