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Eddy Gordo and Tiger Jackson

lk , rk, rk, rk, rk- ground trips

db + rk- high spin kick (keep tapping to keep it going)

db + lk-ground spin
(After ground spin) lk- spin kick
(After ground spin) rk- roundhouse kick
(After roundhouse kick) lk, lk- spin kicks
(After roundhouse kick) rk- flip kick

f, f, lk + rk- flip

ss, lk + rk, lk + rk, lk + rk- flip kicks

lp, rp- punches

b, b, lk + rk- backflip kick

u + rk- spin kick in air

df + rp- elbow

df + lp- slap

df + lk- kick (hold b to go into handstand)

df + rk- low kick

df + rk- low kick

df + lk + rk- launcher

ss, rk- spin
(After spin) lk- ground spin
(After spin) rk- kick

ss, rp- overhead smash

ss, lk- low kick

ss, lp + rp- spin around punches

ss, lk + rk- overhead flip

f, f, rk- leap
(While in leap) rk- high kick
(While in leap) lk- low kick

f, f, lk- lunging kick (hold back to go into handstand)

f + lk- handstand
(Do while in handstand) rk- high spins
(Do while in handstand) lk, rk- low spins
(Do while in handstand) d + rk- ground kick
(Do while in handstand) u or d- sidestep
(Do while in handstand) lk- low kick

f + rk- high kick
(After high kick) lk, rk- low spins

b + rk- roundhouse kick
(After roundhouse kick) rk, lk + rk- overhead flips
(after roundhouse kick) lk, lk- low spin to high spin
(after roundhouse kick) lk, d + rk- low spin kicks f + lp + rp- roll (hold f to go into handstand)

d + lk + rk- launcher TAG

db + lk + rk- (unblockable) spinning hit

lp + lk- feet throw

rp + rk- feet flip

b, db, d, df, f + lp + rp- spinning throw

rk, lk, rk, rp, rk, rk, lk + rk, lk + rk, lk + rk, db + lk + rk, uf + lk + rk- 10-hit

df + lk + rk, lk, rk, rk, rk, rk- launcher to low spins

df + lk + rk, db + lk, lk- launcher to spin kicks

df + lk + rk, lp, rp- launcher to punches

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