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Devil and Angel

f, d, df, lp- uppercut
(After uppercut) lk- kick
(After uppercut) rk- low sweep

f, d, df, rp- uppercut TAG

f, d, df, *, rp- gut punch

f, d, df + rk, rk- low sweeps

f, d, df, rk- axe kicks

f + rk- axe kick

f, f + lk- axe kick

rk, rk- (while rising) axe kicks

df + lp, rp- uppercuts TAG

db + rk- kick df + rk- kick

df + lp- uppercut

df + rp- uppercut TAG

lp, rp, rp- punches to backhand

lp, lp, rp- punches

db + lp + rp- tackle

ss, rp- launching uppercutNEW TAG

f, f + rp- lightning palm NEW

rk, lk- flip over

f, f, f + lk- running side kick

uf or u + lk- jumping side kick

df + rk, rk- axe kicks

uf + rk, rk, rk, rk- spinning kicks

b + lp + rk- (unblockable) lightning uppercut

lp + rp- (unblockable) beam

u + lp + rp- air beam NEW

lk + rk- (unblockable) flying beam

lk + rk + f- (unblockable) reverse flying beam NEW

lp + lk- head kicks

rp + rk- flip

f, f + lp + rp- stone head

f, f + rp, lp, rp, rp, lk, rk, rk, lp, rp, lp- 10-hit

f, d, df + rp, lp, lp, rp- uppercut to punches

f, d, df + rp, lp, rp, rp- uppercut to punches to backhand

f, d, df + rp, d, rk, rk- uppercut to axe kicks

ss, rp, *, u + lp + rp- spinning uppercut to upward beam

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