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This is an explanation for the terms I will be using in the moves section. NOTE: All moves assume you are facing the right. If facing the left, reverse the b or f directions.

b- back

f- forward

d- down

u- up

df- down forward

db- down back

lp- left punch

rp- right punch

lk- left kick

rk- right kick

tg- tag button

ss- side step

+- press the buttons in conjunction

*- pause

NEW- designates a new move to Tekken

TAG- designates a moves that starts a tag juggle. After the buttons to perform the move are done hit tg to call in the second player to continue the tag juggle. The second character will only come in if the moves makes contact and is not blocked.

Throws- Results will vary depending on if you throw from the front, sides, or back.

Juggles- Juggles assume that the first hit makes contact and launches the opponent. Some parts of them will not make contact depending on distance and speed that the moves were done.

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