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Bruce Irvin

df + lk- low spin kick
(After low spin kick) lp- uppercut

f, f, lk- hard spin kick

f, f, rk- rushing kick

df + rp- uppercut TAG

f + lp, rp, lp- rushing elbows

f, f, rp- forward punch NEW

ss, lp- side punch NEW

df + lp, rp- elbows TAG

b + rk, lk, rk- rushing knees

db + lk- low kick

df + lk + rk- skip kick

df + rk- forward kick

ss, lp- elbow NEW

b + lp- backhand NEW

lp, rp, lk- punches to spin kick

lp, rp, rk- punches to kick

lp, rp, f + rk- punches to high kick

lp, rk, lk- combo NEW

df + lp + rp- body hit NEW

b + lk, rk- kick to knee

lp + rp- overhead smash

b, f + rk- knee TAG

b, b, *, lk + rk- backflip
(During backflip) rk- rushing kick

lk, rp, lp, rk- Bruce special

lk, lk- spin kicks

b + rp + lk- (unblockable) hard punch

lp + lk- knee bash

rp + rk- crusher

No known 10-hits

df + rp, df + lp, f + lp, rp, lp- uppercuts to rushing elbows

df + rp, df + lp, lp, rp, lp- uppercuts to rush punches

df + rp, b + rk, lk, rk- uppercut to knees

df + rp, b + lk, rk- uppercut to kicks

f, d, df, lp + rp + rk- knee
(After knee) lp + rp, lp + rp, lp + rp- tumble
(After knee) lk, lp + rp + lk- rising knee
(After tumble) lp, lk, lp + rp + rk- left knee
(After tumble) rp, rk, lp, lp + rp + lk- turning knee

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