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Power and greed are the roots of all evil. Heihachi Mishima, head of a world-famous financial group, the Mishima Financial Empire, sponsors a martial arts contest known as "The King of the Iron Fist Tournament".

After the last terrible battle for control of the Mishima Financial Empire between Heihachi and his son, Kazuya, Heihachi emerged victorious. Hungry for power, Heihachi set himself goals beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Feigning good intentions he presented a plan for world peace, which gains him the trust and support of leaders world over.

At the same time, a child comes into the world.....

Jin Kazama is now fifteen years old. He lives a peaceful life in the mountains with his mother Jun, but his mother's intuition warns her of an imminent danger. She explains to her son that a terrible power is seeking them out. Aware that her son is no longer a child and that he has a right to know, Jun tells him the story of his father and grandfather, and the legend of Tekken. Terrified by what is unfolding, she asks Jin to go to Heihachi if anything happens to her.

Her fears are realised one cold stormy night. The God of Combat arrives in the mountains preceded by a swirling, icy wind. Jin is not yet an adult and lacks experience in combat techniques. The fight is too one-sided. The only words he hears before losing consiousness are those of his mother crying "Run, save yourself!"

Jin is awoken by the bright light of morning. The house and everything around it have gone up in flames. Everything has been destroyed and only ashes remain. Jin searches desperately for his mother but is unable to find her.

Respecting his mother's wishes, Jin sets out to find Heihachi Mishima. He asks Heihachi to teach him how to gain victory over the God of Combat. On hearing his story, Heihachi is convinced that the God of Combat is feeding on free-thinkers - the souls of Tekken. He decides to organise the Third Tournament for the title of "King of Iron Fist", with the aim of setting a trap for the God of Combat.

Fifteen years later, during secret explorations amongst of Central American ruins, Heihachi's Tekken Forces make a strange discovery. In a final communique sent to Heihachi, his troops claim to have seen a mysterious "God of Combat", Heihachi sets out immediately aboard his private jet.

On his arrival he finds only scattered bodies. His scheming mind sets to work. "Who is responsible for this? What kind of creature can have done this? If I could control it, the world would be at my mercy!".

Over several weeks, worrying disappearances occur throughout the world. Free-thinkers, and masters of martial arts and other combat disciplines are reported missing.

Jin is now entering his nineteenth year. The last four years spent under the tutelage of Heihachi Mishima have prepared him for the moment when he must face his destiny. The tournament is about to begin...

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