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News updated on 8/17/00

10/5/00- The movie has been officially canceled. Some will say it never was to begin with. Had Stareast Studios went through NAMCO and licensed the use of Tekken it would still be coming. NAMCO has stated that they are going to sue Stareast. Stareast claims the movie never had anything to do with Tekken. The movie is going under the title of "God of Fist's Style" now.

8/17/00- The movie news was updated with more information. According to Ain't It Cool News the movie has been retitled "The Legend of Tekken." Who is in talks to cameo a role in it as Lei Wu-Long??!! None other than Jackie Chan himself!! Many will be quick to point out that Lei is modeled after Jackie Chan with his different stances and fighting style. This should heighten the promotion and profile of the film even more if true. Also in talks to star, rumored to be Law, is Yuen Biao who's last film was "Shanghai Noon" as one of the fight choreographers. The movie started shooting last week.

8/2/00- I posted the version 3.0 of Tekken Legacy. Its still not done but the core is intact. I am having trouble finding a Tekken 1 logo, and large screen shots of Tekken 1, 2, and 3. If anyone has any please email them to me. Also be sure to check out the new forum. I added it due to request for it and will keep it up if use of it is high and purely for Tekken.

Home version
Tekken Tag Tournament is going to launch with the Playstation 2 on October 26, 2000. It includes all the features of the arcade version and then some. New features include a playable Unknown and Tekken Bowling.

The Next Tekken
Incite magazine had a recent article with an interview with the Tekken design team. They reported that they had begun preliminary work on Tekken 4. They said they had not yet decided whether Tekken 4 would include a tag feature or not. Rumors suggest a late 2000 to early 2001 release.