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Series 3 of the toys are out now. This new series completes the collection of Tekken figures to come from Palisades Marketing. The figures, sculpted by Hiroki Hayashi, are highly detailed and come with various accessories. The available characters includes Jin, Nina, Paul, and Xiaoyu in Series 1. Series 2 includes Yoshimitsu, Heihachi, True Ogre, and Devil Jin. Lastly, Series 3 includes King, Hwoarang, Law, and Anna. Although the selection of characters are good, I only wish they would continue the line with other Tekken characters from the Tekken series. Characters who would have made great figures, in my opinion, are Gunjack, Lee, Kazuya, Lei, and Mokujin. Hopefully we will see more figures from Palisades or other toy manafacturers with the release of Tekken 4.

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