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To Sir With Love
 "Sir"  (1984-1996)

Sir is our Siberian Husky who went to Rainbow Bridge in June 1996.  He was named after an Alaskan Malamute named Sir, so our Sir was officially "Little Sir Echo".   Sir was 5 months old when I first met him.  He was in a pet store and had outgrown his cage.  He looked so sad.  After giving it a day's thought, I decided he should live with us.   He was a very wild boy, didn't want to be touched at all.  But he grew up to be so loving and sweet.   He spent most of his time in the house (his choice).   At night he slept downstairs, since it was cooler in the basement.    When I would talk to him, he would talk back.  I'd ask him what color his eyes were.  He'd say "eeeewww" (trying to say blue).  I'd ask what color is the sky, Sir?  He'd say "eeewww".   Each spring and well into summer I would comb and comb until his winter coat was out.  There would be huge tufts of hair all over the yard when we did this.  The birds would come and grab a tuft and fly into the birdhouse!    We know you're waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us.   We'll always love you, Sir!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful boy!

Little Sir Echo I love my pool!
. I love my basketball So I'm a little dirty!
Let's play!
Run! Run! Run!
.. Running laps where
Daddy blew the 
What are you
looking' at?
Pals forever! Don't hate me
because I'm

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