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My Programs


I've started programming since I was 11 years old.

I like programming several computer  languages.

( like Visual Basic 6, visual C++6,  C++, Pascal, HTML and Javascript).

and the following are some of my best  programs that I've designed

 in the past three years.


Important Note : To view a larger picture of the screenshot click on the image.

# Application Description Screenshot

Image Viewer

An image viewing application.  


8 Animator A Frame-by-Frame movie maker.  


9 Arabic Text Game A challenge for your general information.  


10 Radar Station    A cool radar station simulator  



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Note(1): if you don't have visual basic installed on your system download this file and install it.

VB runtime library  (1.04MB)
Note(2): The Applications run on Win 95,98,Me and Win XP

Note(3): Screen Resolution 800x600 and above is preferred.

Note(3): You'll need WinZip 8.0 to be able to extract the programs.