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My Programs


I've started programming since I was 11 years old.

I like programming several computer  languages.

( like Visual Basic 6, visual C++6,  C++, Pascal, HTML and Javascript).

and the following are some of my best  programs that I've designed

 in the past three years. They are 10 programs divided on two pages.

Here is the first 6 programs :

Important Notes :

1- To view a larger picture of the screenshot click on the image.

2- Click on next programs to see the rest of the programs.


# Application Description Screenshot
1 Password Generator Helps you manage and generate your secret passwords.  


2 Coder V2.1 Let your chat be more exciting by using this application between you and your friend. Now only you and your friend in the chat room will be able to understand each other. (Tell your friend to download a copy of the program for decoding the messages). Also both of you can arrange the coding method through the program's options.


A calculator with very high accuracy and cool graphics
4 Math for Beginners A Simple Score Game that kids will enjoy.  


5 Coder V1.1 An older version of the Coder program. (Cool Graphics )  



MA Internet Browser

An Internet browser based on the IE technology. Me and my brother worked together on developing this Web Browser.  



next programs


Note(1): if you don't have visual basic installed on your system download this file and install it.

VB runtime library  (1.04MB)
Note(2): The Applications run on Win 95,98,Me and Win XP

Note(3): Screen Resolution 800x600 and above is preferred.

Note(3): You'll need WinZip 8.0 to be able to extract the programs.