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(~here are a few of my senior pix!~)

Hello! My name is Olivia Richelle~ and this is my little web page. I am a college student, enjoying my first year of liberation. ;) When I'm not here @ college, I live on a farm in the country with my family- my mom & dad, brothers Davis(17) and Tad (15), and sisters Katrece(10) & Miriah(7). Anyways... I love animals, drawing, reading, writing,daydreaming, ;) .... TONZ OF STUFF.....movies, music,being with my family & having fun with my friends, etc etc etc... I also love getting mail so feel free to write me! =) (hint hint) Well, I guess that's all I'm gonna put on here... I hope you like my page!! Thanks for coming! Oh, and don't forget to sign my guest book!(please) =) Thanks!

Me & my brothers!
I luv u Dabeece!(heh heh)
(too bad i don't have a pic of the teenage mutant ninja turtle garb! MUHAHA)

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