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nirmaldasan's bloggings
Wednesday, 1 February 2017
Playful Poesy

My latest collection of verse has just been web-published at the nirmaldasan home page. Here is how it begins: 

Poetic Prose
(You have my word)

Think about this trilogy. First came Rocking Pegasus, in which my Muse was upon a rocking horse. And then came Literary Trivia & Curiosities, in which the rocking horse metamorphosed into a rocking chair. After many years, in February 2017, soars Playful Poesy with wings of wax.

Read on at: 


Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 4:38 PM
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Saturday, 4 June 2016
Poetry Workbook

By Nirmaldasan



 I, Nirmaldasan, am a disciple of Dr. Nirmal Selvamony, from whom I still learn the principles of poetic composition. Over the years, I conducted poetry workshops in different institutions: Good Earth School, Sri Ramakrishna School, SRM University, Women’s Christian College and Bharathi Women’s College. I would love to conduct poetry workshops in other institutions too and help students tackle all the 28 exercises in this Poetry Workbook. 

Read on at the nirmaldasan home page:


Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 1:37 PM
Updated: Saturday, 4 June 2016 1:49 PM
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Sunday, 6 March 2016
Prose Workbook

By Nirmaldasan


Prose is composed of words, phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs. There are four functions of prose: narrative, informative, imperative and persuasive. In any prose passage, there is meaning and rhythm. When you read aloud a passage, you should enunciate each sound and pronounce each word clearly so that the listeners can grasp the meaning and the rhythm. 

Read on at the nirmaldasan home page 

Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 4:26 PM
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Tuesday, 25 August 2015
ode to gaia & other poems

My latest collection of poems appeared in print in July 2015. I have put up an online version at

Do read and send feedback to

Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 2:33 PM
Updated: Tuesday, 25 August 2015 2:34 PM
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Wednesday, 18 March 2015
the passionate verses & other translations

I have put together some of my translations under the title The Passionate Verses & Other Translations

Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 3:58 PM
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Friday, 12 December 2014
they are online!

The first batch of students of the Certificate in Online Journalism programme announced that they are online at the viva voce examination on Saturday (29 November 2014) at the MCC School of Continuing Education, Tambaram. They have created for themselves a website, a blog and a twitter account.

“During my first class, I was so blank about the course and I thought that I could not get through this course. But later I found it easy to deal things Online,” says Rebecca Jennifer, one of the 18 students who had enrolled for this course.

According to Helen Ann Joseph, “Once you get a novel thought, it becomes very easy to publish it. Online journalism classes have helped me realize my potential.”

Another student, Rubina K., had posted many poems online and was pleasantly surprised to receive ‘appreciation and authentication from an Australian named M.C. James’.

The online presence has not just helped the students get a certificate, but also display their talent. Says Sumithra M.R., “Online Journalism class has helped me to improve my knowledge and it was also helpful when I got the campus placement in Tata Consultancy Services.”

Happy New Year 2015, the next batch of students will be ready to go online! The course coordinator is N. Watson Solomon, an independent Communication Consultant with vast media experience in The Hindu and other organisations. 


Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 11:05 AM
Updated: Friday, 12 December 2014 10:16 AM
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014
As Easy As 1-2-3
I have put together a collection of most of my articles that appeared in various magazines over the years. Titled 'As Easy As 1-2-3, it has been webpublished at

Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 1:15 PM
Updated: Tuesday, 6 May 2014 1:22 PM
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Friday, 7 March 2014
The Pleasures Of Indolence

I just webpublished 'The Pleasures Of Indolence' comprising two long poems of mine:

Last year I webpublished 'A Season Of Mischief' (selected essays):

Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 10:02 AM
Updated: Tuesday, 6 May 2014 1:21 PM
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Friday, 19 July 2013
An Integrative Model Of Development Communication
By Nirmaldasan

-- This article appeared in the inaugural issue of Eclectic Representations (May 2011), published by the Department of English, Madras Christian College. --

Abstract: Development Communication has to perform two tasks: first to challenge the anarchic and modern notions of development; and second, to reveal the relationship between Nature, Culture and the Sacred in any society, whether urban or rural or tribal. To perform these tasks, we need an integrative model of development communication based on the principles of Ecocriticism. This paper proposes a holistic model based on Tolkappiyar's eight elements of the human act, Selvamony's six principles of tinai societies and W.J. Everett's oikos language.

Key words: development communication, ecocriticism, nature, culture, sacred, holistic model, tinai, oikos.

For complete text:

Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 1:40 PM
Updated: Friday, 19 July 2013 1:44 PM
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Thursday, 20 June 2013
Green Density Measure

I periodically do a bit of egosurfing on google. Usually, the results for 'Nirmaldasan' are not very flattering. But recently I came across an article that uses my green density measure. The article by Archana Dahiya is titled 'Ecological Aspects in the Selected Poems of Toru Dutt, Sarojini Naidu and Kamala Das and Green Density Measure', published in Language in India, ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 13:5 May 2013. And here's the link:


My original article titled 'Green Density Measure Of A Literary Text' appeared in Essays In Ecocriticism, 2007. A google search will fetch you the book.

Posted by nd/nirmaldasan at 1:33 PM
Updated: Friday, 19 July 2013 1:47 PM
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