Finally the release of a NAW video before the year y2k+1 and it is Look at Us now 2.All of these matches were taped between July and October of 2000. Matches are as follows:(Rated on a five star rating according to the pro Wrestling observer. Ok so I rated them)

  • 1.Fat kid vs. Crazy Perry **
  • 2.Skanky Lankey vs. Harry Harowitz**
  • 3. J.P. Trotter vs. Headcase ***
  • 4. Rated R & Assassin vs. Smokee and the Bandit***(Stiff ass powerbomb worth seeing)
  • 5."The Juvenile Sensation" Jason Sailer vs. Vulture ****(World Title match)
  • 6 Jason Sailer vs. J.P. Trotter ***
  • 7.Smokee and the Bandit vs. Assassin & Harry Harowitz**
  • 8.Headcase vs Vulture *** (World Title Match)
  • 9.Jason Sailer vs. Headcase vs. J.P. Trotter ****1/2*(Excellent 3 way dance)
  • 10. Vulture vs. Assassin *** (World Title Match)
  • 11. Headcase & J.P. Trotter vs. Assassin & Harry Harowitz ***
  • 12. Vulture vs. Smokee **** (First Blood World Title Match)
  • 13.Monster Mash * (Not a real Match intended For comic relief. Trust me you'll Laugh your ass off.)
  • 14.Syko Seve aka Bandit vs Bevo ***
  • 15.Assassin vs. J.P. Trotter ***
  • 16. Vulture vs. Harry Harowitz***1/2*(Excellent match some stiff ass moves)
  • 17."The Juvenile Sensation" Jason Sailer vs. Headcase****1/2*(Nodak Title Match Fuckin' Hardcore and Technical Wrestling.)

    Considering you get all these matches for the Price of Eight Bucks and that includes Shipping and Handling. All Matches are Awesome in Quality. If you don't understand some of the phrases in the NAW that's OK no one really does. But trust me it will be entertaining. Also bonus footage that breaks the KayFabe. This tape really shows off NAW's Ability to mix hardcore , technical, and Highflying wrestling. We have heard nothing but great reviews on other tapes so Look for the same on this release. It will definantly be worth it.

    N.A.W.'s Videos

    Bring Your Own Weapon

    Bring Your Own Weapon is the N.A.W.'s first ever video. This one is Approximatly 3 hours long, and is home edited. The Cost is $7.00, and for 14 matches $7.00 is definatly worth it. If you have any questions or comments about this tape, or if you would like to order a copy please email either of the address's below.