UPDATED:7/5/02 HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Before you read any more, make sure your shoes are tied and you are tightly clinched down in your chair. Write this down, Friday, July 19th will go down as the LAST NAW event EVER!! Thats right, NAW proudly brings to you, "The Farewell". Damn straight, never again will these superstars compete in BACKYARD wrestling. Jason Sailer has already signed his intent to MPW while Vuclhure is working for MIW. Every one else is going their seperate ways, but for one night, before we all scatter in the wind, we will be NAW once again. This is it, one final shove off, if you are reading this and were ever a part of NAW or even thought about it. Come. XBA, GPW, any one. This is not just going to be a wrestling event, after the wrestling stick around, while we TORCH the NAW ring. Thats right, that smelly peice of shit I worked 50 hours a week for a whole winter for, will be destroyed in the grandest BOND fire ever. Every one from NAW or friend of, hell even if you just read this, sit around, we will tell stories of NAW, College, girls, life in general. For the past 4 or 5 years, NAW has been a major part of everyones life who was involved, show the appreciation and come. It will be a blast. So far the only match that can be confirmed is:

Jason Sailer & Vuclhure vs JP Trotter and Headcase

this is a match that should have happened years ago, but was never booked. So now just for the fans, you will see what will be an amazing card, mainevented by these 4 tremendous wrestlers.





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