match 1 Fat kid vs. perry

The match was the debut for both wrestlers the match was going fat kids way after a senton of the ring. when out of nowere papa roach started to blare over th speakers and out came the real life jason Sailer (formaly Avien Rogers) after a Sailernator and a 4-5-oh on fat kid he anounced he was cutting the crap and getting down to just wrestling he was then violently caned by headcase and j.p. Trotter the two of them then anounced that they were the only people in n.a.w. worthey to fight one another so they would later in the show.

Match 2 Skanky lanky vs. harry harowitz

After a real old school type match up and some big moves from skanky lanky like a frog splash the match ended when skanky tapped out to HH Figure Four leg lock. the Dungeon Family then beat on Skanky.

Match 3 headcase vs J.P. Trotter

this was a really great match betwean the tag team partners. they showed us they really knew there stuff as the battled back and forth. Headcase nailed a nodak jack and other big moves and came out on top with a Trial by Fire on a chair.

Match 4 Smokee and the Bandit vs. THE Rated R and The Assasin

This was a spectacular match btween some of the top stars in n.a.w. this match was really brutal and stiff as most of Rated R's and Smokee's matches tend to be. Rated R stole the show with his elbow drops and senton. but smokee nailed a sit out powerbomb that landed rated r right on his head. after that scare the sick man got up and fought back and nearly to victory untill Smokee hit another power bomb on a chair for the win.

main Event Vulchure vs. Jason Sailer for the N.a.W. world title

This match really stole the show as one of the best matches is N.A.W. history. after some great spot wrestling the two really go going with Sailer hitting a SailerSault of the top rope and Vulchure with a senton off the ring. Sailer almost hit the 4-5-oh but vulchure move but sailer landed on his feet and gave Vulch a superkick that rattled his teeth. then he brought in the thumb tacs. after the two threw each other into them Sailer went up for another 4-5-oh but headcase cut him off at the pass nailing him with the cane that lead to a bird droppings off the ring through a table for the win. it was a hard fought battle for the title but vulch was the better man.