Meet The Press

NAW's Latest event "Meet the Press" took place on august 18. The show was intitled that because members of the KFYR news crew were there getting footage for a story they are doing on us. Also look for the Artical about Northern Acclaim Wrestling in the Bismarck Tribune on the 21st of August.

Match 1 J.P. Trotter vs. Headcase vs. Jason Sailer this match was for the newly created Nodak Title with the first to win two falls being the victor.

This match was a great three way match. It really utilized the third man. All three were trying to steal the show in front of the Television crew. Jason tried to with his huge hurrincanranas on both men and his Fourfiveoh. Trotter had his highlights with a side DVD. Headcase hit his arsanal of the Nodak Jack and standing moonsault. Headcase pick up a fall with a FFF(Fuel for Fire) through a table. Sailer got the next with a Sailer Derailer setting up the Sensation Sault(Corkscrew Moonsault) on Trotter. Trotter got a fall with the Carhandle Cracker Jack. the three kept up the action with highflying moves to the outside and some devistating high impact moves by Headcase. But in the end Sailer hit a straight jacket bomb through a table setting up the SensationSault. And Sailer walked away with the Nodak Title.

Match 2 Main event Vulture(World Champ) vs. Assassin

Vulture set this match up with insulting almost everyone in the back and then insulting Scott Sherman. Assassin finaly came out to shut him up. The two started brawling on the outside right away. Vulture showed his stuff with a bulldog of the apron through a table. Vulch then brought the match inside and showed of his technical ability. Vulch once again took to the outside and hit a double arm suplex though a table. Then the ref got knocked out right before Assassin hit the assassination. The ref was unable to make the count so Assassin went to revive him but vulch kicked out. after they both got to there feet Vulture dropped Assassin on his head with Bird Droppings and pick up the win to retain his title.