Annihilation went down on August thirteenth it was a small show but very solid in content.

The show opened with the New NAW world champion coming to the ring. With new music. Vulchure called out Jason Sailer and said there match at Ready 4 War could have gone either way but because Headcase interfered in their match up they don't know. Vulchure then called out Headcase And J.P. Trotter. Sailer and Vulch prepared to take them on but before the match could start Vulch said to Headcase I only have one thing to say to you Good job. He then turned on Sailer and the three of them beat the crap out of him. Vulchure also then announced it was him who attacted Bevo Before the last show allowing him the title shot. Headcase then told Vulchure that he owed him one so Vulch granted him a title shot.

Match 1 Jason Sailer vs. J.P. Trotter

Sailer came out strong in this match up as trotter did not seem at 100% Sailer hit his array of High flying offence that included a Moonsault,450, and a Stardust Press. But nothing seemed to keep trotter down. But after a weird pump handle sit out slam Sailer went up top again and hit a new move A CorcScrew Moonsault and it apeared to have him beat But headcase pulled Jason off and J.P. then hit the Carhandle Cracker Jack and put Jason in the Gory Gurrero Special. Sailer finaly submitted to the hold.

Match 2 Smokee and the Bandit vs Assassin and Harry Harowitz. for the Number one Contenders For Tag Titles

Smokee and the Bandit really dominated this match, with alot of big moves like Smokees pantented DVD and his new singing Leg drop. Assassin and Harry did have there points in the match with moves like Assassins Double underhook powerbomb and Harrys Shardshooter and Figure Four. Smokee took the match to the outside and choke slammed assassin through a table. But Assassin fought back and hit the Assassination off the Second rope. the special guest ref Blade then made a fast three and awarded the match to Harry and Assassin. But NAWS newly apointed Comishiner came out to the ring and reversed the decision. So Smokee and the Bandit are the Number one contenders for the Tag team Belts

Main Event Headcase vs Vulchure World Heavyweight title match special guest ref Jason Sailer

This was a sweet match up between to off NAWS big name stars. And they proved why in this match. It was a real give and take match with both stars hitting signature moves like Headcase's Nodak Jack and Vulchures double underhook suplex. Headcase took the match to the outside and slamed vulchure through a table with a Michinoku driver. The two battled to the inside but neither could get a pin because Sailer was loving watching the two beat the crap out of each other. But after some more beatings Vulch hit the Bird Droppings in the center of the ring to retain his title.