Here is the card for Millenium Madness which will take place Saturday, Dec. 18.

Macadocious vs. Stanky Lanky "The Ladys Delight" vs. StoSolus

Macadocious picked up the win after the "Hoes" Turned on Lanky

Harry Horowitz's return from retirement vs. Bevo

Harry Horowitz picked up the victory after the Dungion Family cam in and Beat the Hell out of Bevo

Assassian vs. Vulcher

in what was sure to be a great match. Vulcher battled against the "RoeTud" and hit a senton over the anouncers table then Hit bird droppings on Assassian. to get the 1-2-3.

Dirty Dawg vs. Blade vs. Ethen the Exentric Electrician

After the three men beat the s*** out of each other for fifteen minutes ethan scored the victory with a Toe hold submission

**Main Event, Heavyweight Title**

"The Space Cowboy" Avien Rogers (Champ) vs. Syko Seve

The Cowboy and Syko put on a great match and the size disadvantage of the Cowboy did not affect his big move arsanail. Syko stayed in the match with good solid reversals and some high impact moves of his own. in the end Syko hit the Four alarm Blaze but the Assassain stepped in to assure Syko did not get the belt. Cowboy was pissed and gave Assassian a fall away slam. Which started a war between the whole locker room. so the Match was ruled a no contest. And There have already been rumers that the cowboy will not take back the title and would instead have it tossed into a Battle Royal at the next Free4all next spring. to be held in our new RING See you all then.