Here are the results from N.E.W.'s Labor Day Bash.

1.)Johnny Dangerously vs. Vulcher Winner:Vulcher

Match started off with a strong ddt onto a road sign. Then he followed up with a superplex off the trampoline onto the mats. Then at one point Dangerously hit Vulcher in the back with a 4 foot flouresent light bulb. But Vulcher managed to come back and hit Dangerously with his finisher, Bird Dropings Through a table.

2.)Head Case vs. Crix Winner:Crix

Crix started off strong with a choke slam off the tramp. Head Case went for a Hurricanrana but got a stiff powerbomb instead. Head Case Drop kicked Crix off the tramp through a table. After using an aray of weapons including cake pans, chairs, sheet rock, a road sign, and several wood sticks. Crix came back and hit an inverted razors edge on Head Case, for the 1-2-3.

3.)Tornado vs. Zak, in a loser leaves fed match, Winner:Tornado

It looked like it was going to be a walk through for Zak who outweighs Tornado by over 100 pounds. The match started with a side walk slam of the tramp to the mats. the move seemed to take its tole on both men. Zak hit an aray of suplexes on Tornado and two stiff powerbombs. Zak then grabbed a crate and broke it over Tornado head. Then Tornado hit the Peoples wrist drop,But it was not enough to put away the big man. Zak then nailed Tornado with a power bomb through a table but still could not put away the lionhart of Tornado. After getting up Tornado hit the Tornado DDT everyone even the announcers thought the match was over but the ref notified them the match was to continue. Then Zak hit his finisher the spinning rock bottom but still Tornado got up then Tornado hit a flying Tornado DDT for the win and we all say good bye to Zak here in Northern Extreme Wrestling

4.) J C Jason Crazy (Current Champ) vs. Justin Sain Winner: Justin Sain

The match started with some quick paced moves and Crazy hitting a Sunset Flip off the tramp. Crazy then nails a huge statue suplex. J C nails Sain with a piece of sheet rock then nailed a twisting sit out power bomb and missed the follow up summersault senton . Crazy then nailed Sain with a stiff cookie sheet shot followed up with a garbage can shot to the head. Crazy then nails a hurricanrana and then Sain takes the advantage with a screwdriver and a sleeping neck breaker. Sain then nailed a Bullog off the tramp. Crazy then nailed a head and arm front face neckbreaker followed up with a moon sault of the tramp. Then Sain Nailed a moon sault of his own but J C moved and surprisingly Sain landed on his feet. Sain then threw Crazy in the ring and nails a beautiful moon sault of his own. HeadCase then ran in and after Crazy had hit his set up move to the Crazy Sault Head Case then nailed his finisher the Low Key Beat. Then set him on Sain shoulders and Sain Power Bombed Crazy through a Flaming table and after being drenched with water because his butt and hand were on fire Sain executed his finisher there was no way Crazy was getting up from all that. As a result of this match we have a new N.E.W. heavy weight champion of the world Justin Sain And Jason Crazy sustained third degree burns on his hand and rectal area our prayers are with him as he can not sit down nor write.

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