Halloween Holacaust 2

Match 1 Monster Mash

If you have ever seen an NAW tape you know we are all about havin fun. And this match proved that big time everyone dressed up as something and we had a ten minute no-action brawl it was tons of fun and in the end Leroy the 87 year old WW I veteran walked away with the match.

Match 2 Syko Seve vs. Bevo

This match was really an up and coming for Bevo as he really showed everyone what he could do in the ring. Syko Seve also put on a great match with highlights including some mean table breaks, stiff power movers and a mirror that Seve Broke on Bevo. The match ended upruptly with a Four-Alarm-Blaze(razors edge dominato) through a towel rack.

Match 3 J.P. Trotter vs. Assassin

At the begining Assassin came out and did a belly dance for everyone in attendance including the fine ladies of the NoDak. J.P. Came out ready for a fight. the two brawled with Assissin holding the upperhand with moves such as the 2x underhook powerbomb,and an elbow drop from the top. J.P. would stay in it with his usuall submissions and technical abilities. Both these men put on a great match that proves the increasing abilities of both. In the End Assassin hit a splash of a swingset through a table(quite violent)

Match 4 Vulture vs. Harry Harowitz

To start off What a match by harry. No one knew he had it in him. He really showed his stuff and proved himself as a main player here in the NAW. The Match included some exellent mat wrestling as well as hardcore action. Harry hit an amazing belly-to-belly suplex through a table. Vulch fought back with a twisting senton of the Apron and a huge cross body block. Harry then hit an amazing Side walk Slam of the Apron through a table(Really F'n Awesome) Both men got in the ring and vulch would fight back only to taunt Assassin who would hit him with a baking sheet and Harry using and old school pinning combo to get the three.

Main event "The Juvenile Sensation" Jason Sailer w/sensation Squad vs. Headcase w/ J.P. Trotter

If you haven't heard all the internet hype about this match here it is. It was a fued ender between these two that has been going on for almost two years. The match started out quick and the two just got used to one another. then the action started early with some huge pan shots(one of witch cut Jason Open) and an early 4-5-0 by Jason. Thumbtacs were then intoduced as well as some brutall moves into them. Jason remained flying with a moonsault to the outside. The two then battled with some really stiff moves. Jason the did a leg drop off the middle turnbuckle through a table. Headcase struck back with a FFF(Amnityville Horror) off the apron through a table. Then Headcase brought in a chair and lit it on FIRE. Headcase then hit the Trial By Fire(Brainbuster) on the Flaming Chair this was insane. he then leg dropped Jason's face into the Thumbtacs and got the 1-2-3. Afterwards headcase continue the onslaugt of moves when J.P. tried to stop it he recieved a FFF then J.P. turned on Headcase and him a Jason Hit the Total Sensation (twisting 3D) on Headcase.

This event was one of the best ever in NAW and I would like to personaly congardulate everyone in the NAW for their exelant preformance. also get your copy of Look at us Know 2 today.