Bombs Over Bismarck

April 16, 2001 Bombs over Bismarck

Match 1

Saint vs Corperal Punishment

Two wrestlers from GPW showed up in order to show the NAW addience what a HARDCORE match is all about. The match actually started off with some great Technical wrestling, then the Hardcore started. First Saint powerbombed Corperal Punishment On BARBEDWIRE then the carnage contued with more hardcore like tacs, lightbulbs and Mousetraps. The end came when Saint powerbombed Corperal Punishment on a table with tacs, a lightbulb, and barbed wire on it. This match was intense hardcore action.

Winner: Saint

Match 2

Smokee and the Bandit vs Vulcher and Billy Glacier aka the Iceman

This match was for three belts: The NAW Heavy weight title(held by Smokee), The Gehto Title (held by Bandit) and the Tag titles held by Billy Glacier. This was an Elimination match with the winner walking away with three titles and his parter with the other half the tag titles. The match started with some awesome Technical wrestling, as The Vulch usually does, all three were hitting huge suplexes and high impact moves. About half way through the match Vulch had still not tagged Billy, and when he finally did Billy was eliminated right away with a DDT?! Then Vulch was on his own and really started to take a beating, Vulch hit a nice leg drop off the top to the outside through a table. Vuclh Then hit a Bird Droppings on Bandit to eliminate him. Then it was down to a rematch from LAbor day bash as Vulch took on Bandit. Vucture hit a huge bird Droppings off the apron through a table. but was then taken out with some interference by Bandit, which led to a DVD off the apron through a table by Smokee for the Victory.

Winner: Smokee retains title and Smokee and the bandit Win the Tag Titles.

Match 3

"The Juvenile Sensation" Jason Sailer vs Kid Kronic

Bofore the match Jason came out and insulted the whole NAW locker room and layed down an open challenge. Then out came Kid Kronic. As usual this match was fast paced and intence. Jason hit some sweet highflying moves like a moonsault and a 450,Even though Jason Was being heavily booed throughout the match Kronic would fight back with varies Headscisors and Hirricanrannas. Jason also hit a huge Fire Thunder Driver almost Breaking the Kids neck. Jason Kept the onslought going with huge kicks and powermoves. Jason then set Kid Kronic on a table and hit a huge splash off the Deck(12ft) for the victory. After the match Sailer had an interjection with NAW anouncer Scott Sherman.

This was a great card as most are in the NAW, even though only half the roster was in attendence.