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Welcome to Mihai Pruna's flight training resources page

Everybody who has ever dreamed of flying has thought about getting at least a Private Pilot License.Many people actually got it.I congratulate them.But many,like myself,are struggling to get it,lacking either time or money. I have tried to find flight training resources on the Internet and have been quite successful.There are a number of sites who offer various links to aviation related sites,among which someone can find sites centered on flight training. I am trying to offer a readily accessible listing of those sites.Here it is:

This site has various online training aids ranging from stories of student pilots to plane specs.The best resource I found.

This site offers a VERY detailed description of how the first three flights should be.Everything is well illustrated,from the Preflight checklist to the maneuvers encountered.

The most interesting feature of this site who offers various aviation items for purchase is the selection of demos of professional flight simulators that can be run on a PC.Just check the Flight Simulators section.

Want to know more about aerial navigation or about your airport?Come check it out.I can guarantee that the section on airports is very up to date,and the most comprehensive you'll ever find.

Lots of flight training stuff ,very useful are the practice tests and books you can read online.

That's about it for now.As soon as I can think of new sites,I will add them to the list.