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*Sexual Enhancement / Intimacy in Marriage*

Sexual Enhancement Pharmacology
Psycho-Emotional Component Discussion

Sexual Enhancement Pharmacology
Medical Considerations

Male Performance: Sexual Enhancement for men:. "Male Performance" is designed as a sexual stimulant, an aphrodisiac for Men. This product has been formulated to enhance testosterone availability and increase blood flow to the sexual organs. When used consistently, it is a powerful formula for enhanced libido and sexual performance.
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Female Performance: Sexual Enhancement for women: Sexual intimacy is a central issue in our lives. For a variety of reasons our ability to function sexually declines, as we grow older. In fact, when men reach retirement age, many have some degree of performance dysfunction. Even younger men may have the need for a "sexual charge." These facts are evident by the overwhelming sales of the drug Viagra. However significant side effects have been reported with the use of these types of medications. Women may also need help later on in life. "Female Performance" offer women a safe and effective alternative. This formula is designed as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac for Women.
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Testosterone: Male hormone.
Levels for female should be 20 Ė 50 pg / ml
Levels for men should be 50 Ė 200 pg / ml
Your doctor should order a sexual hormone panel.
Available from: Doctorís prescription only.
Testosterone and DHEA Supportive Information:

DHEA: Dehydroepiandrosterone, precursor to both male and female sex hormones, as well as the adrenal hormones.
Your doctor should order a sexual / adrenal hormone panel.
Available from: Some consciousness alternative care doctorís offices.
(A doctor should supervise the use of DHEA to determine the best dose(s).)
Testosterone and DHEA Supportive Information

Estrogen to Progesterone ratio for women:
Estrogen levels that are too high in proportion to Progesterone, will decrease libido in women. Excess Estrogen can be a result from using Birth Control Pills, hysterectomy (the ovaries produce progesterone), or Estrogen replacement therapy in the mature years.
See your doctor for a sexual hormone panel.
Remember there are three different estrogens, one progesterone, and one testosterone for a total of five hormones that must be balanced in the woman. Now add in DHEA, preferably tested at four times throughout the day. (DHEA influences all the sex hormones, plus the adrenal hormones.) That is a total of nine hormone tests that I feel are a minimum. Without all nine test results on my desk, it is difficult to prescribe correctly.

Feminine Balance Cream: Natural progesterone has gained widespread use and recognition. Feminine Balance cream is natural progesterone combined with numerous herbs that have been successfully used by women throughout the ages. These include Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai and others. This cream is better absorbed when applied to the softer skin areas of the female body. It is an easy way to provide the hormonal balance necessary for women throughout their lives. When combined with either "PMS Support" or "Menopause Support," women can experience powerful positive changes that enhance their day-to-day living.
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Hypothyroidism: Low thyroid function can also be responsible for decreased libido in both men and women.
Your doctor should order a thyroid panel.

Hypoadrenalism, specifically with low Cortisol levels:
This condition also can be responsible for decreased libido in both men and women.
Your doctor should order an adrenal panel, preferably also with a sex hormone panel.

Circulation Problems: EDTA chelation IV therapy: EDTA has been successfully used in the treatment of atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis for over 50 years. Yet there is a very select few Medical Doctors and even fewer Naturopathic Doctors who have received proper training in this wonderful technology. It will be difficult to find a doctor who practices EDTA because the AMA and FDA do not promote this technology to Medical Doctors. EDTA is administered directly into the blood veins and must be administered in a medical office, hopefully under the direction of a doctor who has been trained in EDTA IV chelation therapy.
Available from: a few, very special and open mined doctors who believe in Alternative Care Medicine.
You may need to check out the International College of Integrated Medicine,, (ICIM), to find a doctor in your area that uses EDTA in his or her practice.

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Male Performance Supportive Information

Nutritional support for fading sexual performance in marriage, intimacy in marriage, romance in marriage, sexual stimulation, marriage intimacy, to enhance husband wife relationships. Help bring back that spark of love, into a flame of love. Intimacy in marriage, christian marriage, romance, intimacy, marriage relationships, relationships, marriage, lovemaking, happiness, joy, foreplay, intercourse, sexual performance, sexual advice, sexual intimacy, sex, sexual help, arousal, sexual arousal, husband wife relationships, sexual stimulation, sexual enhancement, marriage intimacy, love relationships, relationships intimacy, emotional intimacy. Sexual intimacy of a newly married couple is fresh and exciting. As the couple advance in age some sexual help may be needed with sexual stimulation. Sexual enhancement can be accomplished with natural sources. Natural sources will actually nourish the body and make the body stronger in the end, unlike artificial sexual enhancement drugs.

Arginine - This amino acid (found in numerous proteins) is the precursor to a very important molecule produced by the body - Nitric Oxide. The discovery of nitric oxide and the important role that it plays in human physiology recently led to the Nobel Prize in medicine for its discoverers. Nitric oxide has demonstrated numerous beneficial properties within the human body. Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator opening up blood vessels to allow greater blood flow. It is this property that is felt to be responsible for the beneficial effects in enhancing penile blood flow and improving erectile function of the penis in individuals utilizing arginine supplementation.

Ginkgo Biloba - Ginkgo Biloba has many effects within the body. While it is best known for its enhancement of memory and cognitive function, it also has the ability to dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow to the penis as well. In one study, gingko biloba by itself, improved erectile dysfunction in a group of impotent males after six months of use.

Nettles - Stinging nettles has demonstrated the ability to enhance the level of free testosterone in the blood by binding to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Free testosterone is the active component of the male hormone testosterone. Enhancing these levels may result in an improved sense of well-being, improved performance as well as enhanced libido.

Mineral Complex - These minerals (calcium, magnesium and boron) have been shown to enhance the beneficial effects of these nutrients and herbs in improving peripheral blood flow.

Side Effects:

Ginkgo biloba may inhibit platelet function and should be discontinued prior to surgery.

Arginine should be discontinued during viral illness especially active herpes infection, as arginine may enhance white blood cell activity, check with your health care practitioner if you suffer from an autoimmune disease prior to use.

Nettle has no significant side effects.

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Female Performance Supportive Information

Damiana - This herb has long been purported to enhance sexual desire in females. While no research has been done to confirm this many anecdotal reports exist from women who say that it has kindled their sexual desire.

Dong Quai - (Chinese Angelica) - The Chinese use this herb as an overall tonic for women. It functions similarly to ginseng as an “adaptogenic” in most women. By enhancing energy and feelings of well being, it has earned a reputation as a sexual tonic.

Saw Palmetto - This herb is best known for its benefits in males with prostatic hypertrophy. Nevertheless, one of its components, beta-sitosterol, has purported aphrodisiac qualities according to one author.

Green Oats - (Avena Sativa) - Wild oat herb preparations have been used for anxiety, weakness symptoms, old age symptoms, sleeplessness, stress and for weakness of the bladder. The phrase “sow your wild oats” refers to the use of this herb as an aphrodisiac. One unconfirmed sturdy did show benefit as a sexual tonic.

Gotu kola - This herb is widely used in India for its longevity enhancing reputation. By enhancing an individual’s sense of well-being it may serve as a general sexual tonic.

* The majority of information obtained on the aphrodisiac qualities of these herbs is based on a history of cultural use and not on western scientific research.(with the exception of the single study performed on wild oats). Nevertheless, their persistence within these cultures as general and sexual tonics for women and their safety record serves as a basis for their inclusion within a sexual enhancement formula.

Side Effects:

There are no known side effects of any of these herbs at the recommended amounts.

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Testosterone and DHEA Supportive information

All humans, male and female, have various levels of all the sex hormones. Males have more male hormones but still have some low or very low levels of female hormones. Females have more female hormones but still have some low or very low levels of male hormones. Testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone, and is thought to be the primary hormone responsible for the driving force of libido. Iíve treated both males and females with testosterone. Some of my female patients had been taking prescription Testosterone for over two years with absolutely no effect, IE, no libido (nothing). Their doctors just told them they had not been on the testosterone long enough. Prescription testosterone can become very expensive and the combined effects of no increase in libido, yet expensive monthly refills of their prescriptions, have made those patients very discouraged and upset. In some cases, to lower the monthly cost, their doctors had prescribed a daily dose of DHEA to replace the testosterone prescription. Then, even using DHEA for an additional year with still no increase in libido, their doctors once again told them they had not been taking the DHEA long enough! (This is really testing a personís patience!)

A good doctor will look deeper. The questions arises, "Is there a blockage to the assimilation of these medicines into the patientís chemistry?" In some cases the answer is simple. An example: If that patientís digestive system is weak, they may not be digesting and assimilating the replacement hormones into their body chemistry. Sometimes simply supporting the digestive system will remove the blockage we are looking for, and the therapy will now begin to work.

Another consideration: DHEA should not be taken at night. It should only be taken approximately 9:00 AM and again at 3:00 PM to correspond with the bodyís normal circadian rhythm. Taking DHEA at night usually results in the inability to sleep.

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Psycho-Emotional Component Discussion

The following is my personal opinion, but has been observed in several instances in counseling with patients in a clinical setting, and in personal experiences and observations.

The physical act of intimacy between a man and a woman during youthful and / or newly wedded days is usually driven by a lot of hormones and the excitement of something new. After the excitement of the new adventure wears off, I believe, what is left is the emotional expression that a man and a woman give to each other through their shared emotions from their minds and hearts. Allowing your deepest emotions to be shared by each other is, I believe, what keeps the deep intimacy alive and continually growing to even deeper levels throughout all time.

It appears by far, the greatest effect on this topic of sexual enhancement stems from the psycho-emotional aspects of the relation between the couple. Meaning, the relationship that exists between two people has far greater effects than all the herbs or other nutrients combined that a person could ever consume.

When two people fall in love, in the early stages of courtship there is a lot of interest in each other. It seems without fail that after marriage, those two lovers are starting to take each other for granted and the ever so needed "twinkle of love in the eye," begins to quickly fade.

In one of my classes a statement was made by the professor of that class, that if a newly wedded couple will place a bean in a jar every time they make love, and do this for one full year; then at the start of their second year of marriage they begin to take those beans back of that jar; that they will never be able to empty that jar during their entire marriage.

There are many, many aspects of having a successful marriage. This is probably the single largest and most important topic that can ever be discussed. The results have the potential of the greatest effects.

I have witnessed many times that when the marriage is good, then the feelings of self-worth and even success in life are dramatically increased. Since I was just a boy of about 8 years old, I began to notice and watch closely many married couples. I have seen good marriages that brought a feeling of a Great Internal Joy and Peace to the Countenances on the Faces of those fortunate couples. I have also seen the countenances of others that appeared to be "darkened" when their marriages were sour.

I have sat in many patient-counseling sessions and have heard all kinds of problems. Most of these problems were due to a severe lack of communication and honesty between the couple in question.

I have also witnessed on more occasions than I care to remember, that dirty word: Gossip! I have witnessed so very often that when one spouse continually bad mouths the other spouse behind their back, that their marriage suffers a very great deal!

If the Respect for each other, and the Twinkle of Romance for each other diminishes, than how in the world can anyone ever hope to increase their sexual enhancement?

The above suggestions for sexual enhancement are considering that the psycho-emotional aspect of the ones desiring help is already healthy, and the only needed help is the physical aspect.

The Heart of Human Existence is the Family. At the Heart of the Family are the Parents. If true happiness can begin with the parents, then the family overall will be happier. After all is said and done in our world of possessions, jobs, money, power, etc, what do you feel is most important, ultimately, in the end?

Should sexual enhancement be taken lightly? Consider that a couple can become as "one" in two separate ways: The first being the emotional and the second being the physical.

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DISCLAIMER: This information is provided for Educational Purposes Only and has NOT been designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional with Nutritional Training to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated statements about these health topics or any suggested product compositions.