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Perchance to Dream

Colors surround me. Wild animals hide in plants covering the rolling hills. I run without any effort and soon begin to fly. As I soar in glorious freedom the life below me blurs by. I could stay in the sky forever. When a group appears on a hill, I land and begin looking for him. My only true love. I don't know where he is but I know he is there somewhere. Walking through the crowd I see many friends but I don't stop. I can sense his presence. My mate is near. In desperation to find him I rise above the crowd. Floating over their heads I can finally see him. Our eyes meet and I get lost as the crowd vanishes. Without saying a word we fly away together. We soar over hills and mountains until we find our own quiet, peaceful, sanctuary. Settling down on the grass we...

{alarm} Oh shut up! I lay back down in my cozy bed and reach out for my love. Where is he? I sit up and my senses come to me. It was a dream. I lay back down and remember soaring over the hills with my love. I can't help but wonder, Are you out there?