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The Colors of Peace

All life constantly changes. Some changes are like leaves in the fall, peaceful and expected. Others can be like a single white flower blooming from a red rose bush. Those are the exciting and unexpected changes that can happen at any moment in time. Last summer, I had a change somewhere between falling leaves and a white rose.

My parents and I drove across much of the East Coast on a vacation. On the way back we stopped in Virginia at the Natural Bridge and Caverns. The state for lovers was beautiful and full of life. Countless thriving green trees and blooming plants covered the Natural Bridge. Walking through the plant life I felt alive and energized. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to be in nature with all of God's creations. Other families and couples walked along the path in a heaven of joyous peace. At that moment, nobody had any enemies or problems in the world. There were only families, friends, nature, and the amazing water-carved bridge that towered over us.

Later, deep beneath the earth, we walked through the caverns. The underground mansion of connected halls and rooms was quiet and peaceful. It made me wonder what other beautiful things our Mother Earth has hidden within her.

On the way out of the caves, I noticed two people walking together. At first glance you wouldn't think they were a couple until you saw the way they helped each other up the steep ramp. I knew that they were happy to be together. That's when I realized that everyone and everything has a place to grow. Everyone has a place to plant roots as deep as the caverns and grow limbs as high as the Natural Bridge. Many people haven't found that place yet and many people may never find it, but I find comfort in knowing that it is out there somewhere. All we have to do is watch for the chance when it comes and take it.