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501 Great Things About Being Gay

This is from a book I found by Edward Taussig.
I think it is important to have a sense of humor about yourself.

"You never have to worry about getting lipstick on your collar.
Unless, of course, it's your own."

"You've left someone totally speechless."
(I make a habit of doing that to guys I work with,
the speechless thing that is.)

"You've shaved something other than your face."
(Sorry, it's the speechless thing again.)

"You know Marky Mark lost his appeal the instant he opend his mouth."

"You know Marky Mark can regain his appeal the instant he opens his mouth."

"You know that:

1. getting aroused during a physical examination
by a male doctor does not make you a homosexual

2. having occasional same sex fantasies does
not make you a homosexual

3. having impotence problems with women does
not make you a homesexual

4. getting drunk and "accidentally" having sex with
one of your best buddies does not make you a homesexual.

5. straight guys have a vast ability to rationalize what
things do not make them homesexual"

(I know you straight guys reading this think i'm a bitch.
You're correct! :)

"You never have to respond to the question,
"How 'bout those Mets?"

"You are difficult to shock."

"You actually enjoy the ballet.
Well at least the outfits."

"You believe every rumor you don't start yourself."

"Your favorite master of the Italian Renaissance is:
a. Michelangelo
b. Caravaggio
c. da Vinci
d. Armani"

"You know a supermarket checkout when you see one.
And yes, you deliver."

"You understand the subtext in "buddy" movies."

"You know when to play dumb."

"Beautiful women trust you."

"You can supply the last names to the following list:
a. Marilyn
b. Barbra
c. Andrew Lloyd"

"You can supply the first names to the following list:
a. Garbo
b. Ciccione
c. ...... that jerk!

That's all for now folks... I hope to update it every few weeks so check back soon.