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Linda's Cockatiels

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This is Chiko. She is the first cockatiel I ever owned and has spoiled me into being obsessed with cockatiels. I got Chiko in February 1986 and she's still the biggest baby I've ever had. If I leave the room, she will let me know I forgot her by screaming at me, so I have to go back and take her with me. Don't know what I would ever do without this character.

DJ came along next - I got him from a girlfriend of mine for babysitting her birds while she was on vacation. I had a tough choice, because DJ and another bird looked exactly alike, but when he started singing, I knew I wanted him. He got his name because he sounded like a radio DJ auditioning for my attention!  His mate is Snowy who will be shown later. DJ's first love was a cockatiel named Pepper, who I got from a co-worker, but later I had to have Pepper put to sleep because she became so crippled up she couldn't sit on her perch or walk - it was a hard thing to put her down, and DJ was extremely depressed for about 2 days, but then like most men, moved on with her life with Snowy!!! I have been treating DJ for allergies ever since I got him and he also has liver trouble; therefore, all my birds eat pelleted food and it has helped DJ feel much better.
pied male cock

female lutino

       June 1, 1993-Mar 7, 2001 
       My sweet girl has gone to the 
     Rainbow Bridge and is watching 
                           over us.

This is Snowy, DJ's sweetheart.  I got her from a girl who worked in a pet store about 5-6 years ago.  When I brought Snowy home, DJ was quite upset with her because I still had Pepper and poor Snowy ended up being left out of everything. After Pepper's death, Snowy became DJ's buddy and they are inseparable now. She definitely has a personality of her own - a stranger would think she's mean, but she is just protecting her territory and knows that she is loved. I can hold her for hours as long as I hold DJ, too. They will sit on top of the cage and preen each other and sleep side-by-side for hours! Now that's true love!!!
And along came my Shadow!! I got her from my sister after she was attacked by their dog!! Shadow's mate was killed, so my sister brought Shadow up to me to nurture back to health. Ever since this episode, Shadow has hated to be held - I think she has a fear of being crushed again! I also named her "Dark Shadow" at first because she was so scared that she bit and drew blood on me many, many times. That was the season the new "Dark Shadows" was so popular and the bird reminded me of a vampire!!! After she tamed down and quit biting so hard, I dropped the "Dark" in her name and she became my Shadow. She is a loner, for the most part, but such a little sweetheart. She tries to get along with the others, but is rejected most of the time, so I run to her rescue and give her hugs and kisses, and she screams at me!!!!
female cinnamon

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