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Kristie Lee Kobs came to this earth in the year 1977 on April 21st. Kristie Lee Kobs left this earth by violence on 16th day of May in 1998. She will forever be 21. She will forever be my angel.

This is her story as told by me, her mother. She had just bought a mobile home for her and her son Jayden Tyler. Her car was paid for and she was planning to start Boise State University in the fall. Her whole world was coming together. She had been in her home for a year and had done all the remodeling herself, and was doing a great job. She tackles jobs I would have been afraid to.

On May 15 my husband and I took the baby to her house. She had called us and told us that she was feeling better. She had been so sick with the flue that I had been taking care of the baby for about a week to a week and a half. She felt that she could care for him so we made arrangements to take him in to Boise for her on Friday May 15,1998. When we drop him off she was so happy to have him back then the phone rang and it was a friend she had not heard from in a long time. He had been modeling in LA and had got her number from her dad that lives in Mt. Shasta CA. She was still talking to Tyler when we left to go get our granddaughter. That was the last time I saw her alive. Before we left she ask us if we would baby sit for her on Saturday night so she could go to a comedy club with some friends, we told her we would pick up the baby the next day because we had to come back in to Boise to do some shopping and we would pick him up then.

May 16, 1998 we went and did our shopping and we kept calling her, she didnít answe her phone we thought that her and the baby were taking a nap. So we continued finishing our stuff. About 4:15 pm my husband, Mike, said that something was wrong. They should have been up and our cell phone should have been ringing off the hook. It would take Kristie forever to get ready to go anywhere. She had to look just right and that meant redoing her hair and makeup a million times. We left the store and drove straight to her house. When we came around the corner her jeep was gone. Mike said he wondered where she went, I told him that maybe her boyfriend had pick up the jeep for some reason. We pulled into her driveway and Mike got out, went up to her door and knocked. The door swing open and Kristie was lying on the floor in front of her futon that she has just gotten as a birthday present from her boyfriend. I came in right after my husband. We could hear the baby crying, Mike pushed me towards the babyís room and I went in and got him, I threw his blanket over his head and went back into the living room. Mike pushed me on out the door and wonít let me go back in. For some reason I knew that she had been murdered. Mike called the police and they and the paramedics came. They went in and then came back out. I was still praying that she was alive. Then the coroner came and when she came back out and left I knew that Kristie was gone. I was in shock and disbelieve, everyone liked Kristie, who would have done this? I knew that if they found her jeep they would find who had done this. If her boyfriend had taken it, he would have left the car seat and it was not there. We got home about 12:00 am and after a sleepless night started another day of disbelieve. They were still processing her house so there wasnít any thing we could do. We went through Sunday and on the News at 10:00 pm Sunday night the news run a description of her jeep. By 10:15 pm they were at the jeep. The Detectives run Kristies caller ID and saw that a called had been made from a phone at an apartment building just Ĺ blocks away from the jeep. The detectives went to the apartment where the call was made and the Girl there told them that a guy who lived downstairs with his sister had used her phone about 2:00 am Saturday morning. The detective went to the downstairs apartment and arrested Jorge A. Contreras for a probation violation. The Detective called us and told us they had a suspect at about 10:30pm, at 5:00am they called to tell us that he had confessed. He also confessed to leaving drugs in her house to make it look like it was drug related. He had gotten off on another stabbing by making it look drug related. He was on probation for stabbing 2 guys, one in the back, the other in the chest when he showed up uninvited to a party and was asked to leave he lost his temper. Judge Daniel T. Eismann gave him a rider, which is six months in cottonwood and then probation, of which he had violated before he was out of jail very long. His Probation Officer had seen him earlier that week and tried to stop him but he lost the Probation Officer. He was also arrested in our hometown but bailed out before the Officer found out he was wanted for a probation violation.

We had no idea who this person was or what the story was. I finally found out that he was living with one of Kristiesí friends and that he was abusive to her friend. Kristie had talked her into breaking up with him. Her friendsí mom and dad had moved him out of her friendsí house. They had left him about 10:00 pm Friday night at his sisterís house. He got a ride to Kristies house with some guys who were partying at his sistersí house. Iím not clear if he thought his ex-girlfriend was at Kristies house, because he kept saying he was going to see his girlfriend. I know that Kristie didnít answer her phone at the time he called because she would of turned it off as not to wake the baby, whoís a light sleeper. That was why she slept in the living room when he was there because she was such a sound sleeper. Her car keys were stolen about 2 weeks before this and someone broke into her house one night, they used her house key on the bottom lock, we had installed a dead bolt that took another key, they broke the dead bolt and went in and turned up her heat. She didnít tell us or we would have replaced the dead bolt. I believe that he had her house key and let himself in, took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her 4 times in the neck. The coroner said that she was laying down when the attack started and that she was possible asleep. She had a lot of defenses wounds on her arms and face, plus two hands full of his hair. His fingerprints in blood were all over her house and a footprint on a blanket in blood. There was overwhelming evidence against him, but because of no signs of break in and he used one of her knifes he was charged with second-degree murder instead of first-degree. We never found her car keys or her jeep keys, they were on separate rings.

He pleaded guilty to second degree-murder and was sentenced to Life with 30 years fixed. He will be eligible for parole in November 2027. It is also in his records that he never be granted parole because of his violent temper.

We found out that he had belonged to a gang in San Diego and he had quite a police record. He had 10 misdemeanors, 4 of them had been plea- bargained down from felonies. If those 4 had not been plea- bargained down he would have been in prison in California and I Believe that is why he left California and came to Idaho. We do not have the 3 strikes your out law. He had 2 felonies on his Idaho record from stabbing those two guys. That would have been 6 felonies and he was only 21 when he murdered Kristie.

Judge Eismann said that he did not regret his decision in giving Contreras only six months and probation because he saw potential in his eyes. Judge Eismann never apologized to us he sent a spokesman on TV to give his statement. I wished he could of seen the potential in my daughtersí eyes. She was an A, B student. She was a loving daughter and mother. She didnít have a police record and she was going places in her life. Contreras dropped out of school, dealt drugs as well as did them. He told Judge Bails that he had never held a job nor could he read to fill out a job application, he had supported himself by dealing drugs

Note: Judge Eismann was elected to the Idaho Supreme Court this last election, with no help from my family or I. He will now be reviewing murder cases that are being appealed. That is a very scary thought to me.

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