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Igor's Menu

Here's a peak at what's on Igor's dish. Remember, I'm not an expert, check out some of my links to get diet info. Melissa Kaplan has excellent nutrition analysis that I strongly recommend for ig owners to check out.

collard greens

mustard greens

green beans

parsley (sometimes)

carrots (sparingly)


alfalfa chews, crumbled (rabbit food section of pet store)

fruit (see Kaplan's website for a list of what's good for your ig)

ReptoCal (calcium supplement)

VitoLife (vitamin supplement)

I chop the veggies into small pieces and mix all of these together, then I top it all off with a couple squirts of water from a misting bottle. This is the same bottle I use to give Igor a spray with everyday. This meal plan was modeled somewhat after the MK diet on Melissa Kaplan's website. If anyone reading this is knowledgeable in ig nutrition, please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong.