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Igor's Biography

I purchased Igor in the summer of 1998, when he was just a little squirt. To be honest, I'm not quite sure if Igor's a male or female yet, but for now I think Igor's a male. Growth is a main thing to considered if you ever plan on getting an iguana, because they get big in a hurry. Igor was tiny when I bought him, but now (January, 2001) he is over 3 feet long from head to tail and approximately 11 inches from snout to vent. He lost his tail when he was younger, but fortunately it has grown back, although it is dark brown. I don't own a scale, so I have no clue how much he currently weighs. Overall, Igor is tame, although he does not like to picked up and handled. Otherwise, he doesn't mind being touched, people gawking at him, and me cleaning his cage. Igor's first home was an aquarium, then a larger aquarium (given to me by a friend), and now a large cage constructed of pvc pipe, rubber-coated mesh wire, plexiglass, and artificial turf. The pvc design works well since it is lightweight. I got the basic idea for my cage from Iguana Town's website, with a few modifications of my own. I'm sure in the near future he will get an even larger habitat, or perhaps an addition to his current cage. Igor gets a pretty good variety of fresh produce, which you can read about in the menu section of this website. His favorite food is green beans, and an occasional carrot peel. Even though I have no scientific proof of this, he seems to enjoy listening to Bob Marley (not too loud though). Well, this is the life of Igor in a nutshell. I feel that I've been a competent care taker, even though I wasn't very well informed on this topic in my early ig owning days. Here's a little advice for anyone wanting to get an iguana, learn as much as possible about igs BEFORE you buy your animal. I have links to websites with up-to-date information that I would suggest you take a look at.